YouTube Music's 'Replay Mix': What It Is and How to Use It

Replay Mix is an automatically generated YouTube Music playlist

Replay Mix is a YouTube Music playlist that’s automatically created by YouTube and filled with songs the user has recently listened to multiple times. The YouTube Music Replay Mix playlist can be accessed via the YouTube Music website and apps and can contain up to 100 tracks.

What Is the YouTube Music Replay Mix Playlist?

YouTube Music’s Replay Mix playlist is a playlist made by the YouTube algorithm and populated with tracks based on the user’s listening history. The feature is nearly identical to Spotify’s On Repeat playlist and is used to collect all of the most-listened songs in one convenient place.

The Replay Mix playlist in the iPhone YouTube Music app

Unlike other automatically generated playlists, which often include suggestions of new songs or genres for the listener to try out, the Replay Mix playlist only features songs the user knows and has already listened to multiple times.

Who Can Use the Replay Mix Playlist?

The Replay Mix playlist is available to all YouTube Music users whether they’re using it for free or are paid subscribers who have either a YouTube Premium or a YouTube Music Premium membership.

You can’t share your YouTube Music Replay Mix playlist with others directly, though you can save all of the songs in the list to another playlist to share with your contacts.

To add your YouTube Music Replay Mix songs to another playlist, select the ellipsis icon and Add to playlist. You can create a new playlist or add the tracks to an existing one.

How Do I Find the Replay Mix on YouTube Music?

YouTube Music’s Replay Mix playlist is available on the front page of the YouTube Music apps and website within the Mixed for you category.

Front page of YouTube Music with Replay Mix in Mixed for you category.

This is the same category that contains the My Supermix, Your likes, Discover Mix, and the New Release Mix playlists.

Depending on your recent activity, you may need to scroll down the front page quite a bit to reach the Replay Mix.

You can also access the YouTube Music Replay Mix directly on the web.

YouTube Music Replay Mix playlist on the web in Microsoft Edge.

How Do I Add Songs to the Replay Mix Playlist?

Songs are added to the Replay Mix playlist automatically after you listen to them more than once. The more a song is listened to, the higher up the list it will appear. For example, a song you listen to on YouTube Music on a daily basis will likely rank at the top of the Replay Mix playlist, while one you’ve only replayed once or twice will appear much lower.

You can’t manually add songs to the YouTube Music Replay Mix playlist.

How Many Songs Does YouTube Music Replay Mix Have?

The YouTube Music Replay Mix playlist can have up to 100 songs on it, though it can also have as few as four or five. The number of tracks in the playlist will depend greatly on how many songs you repeatedly listen to on YouTube Music.

If you can’t find the Replay Mix playlist on the YouTube Music app or website, it’s likely you haven’t replayed enough songs for the list to automatically generate.

How Can I Remove Songs From the Replay Mix Playlist?

It’s impossible to manually remove tracks from the Replay Mix playlist. The only way to delete a song from the list is to stop listening to it and try to listen to other songs more. As more songs get added to the playlist, the song you don’t like listening to will gradually be pushed lower and lower until it’s removed from the Replay Mix completely.

  • How do I make a playlist on YouTube Music?

    To create your own playlist on YouTube Music, open the video you want to add, then on mobile click Save > New Playlist or on desktop click Save > Create new playlist. Enter a name, designate privacy settings, then select Create.

  • How do I download a playlist in YouTube Music?

    If you're a YouTube Music premium member, you can download a playlist for offline listening. In the YouTube Music iPhone or Android app, navigate to a playlist and tap More (three dots), then tap Download.

  • How do I turn on Offline Mixtape in YouTube Music?

    Offline Mixtape is a feature of the iOS YouTube Music app. It automatically downloads content based on the type of music you frequently listen to in YouTube Music. To turn on the Offline Mixtape feature, open the YouTube Music app on your iOS device, then tap your profile picture. Tap Downloads > Settings and then toggle on Download an offline mixtape.

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