What Is YouChat?

Let's dive into this AI-powered chat-style search site to see if it adds anything to the search game

YouChat is an AI-powered search tool. This article explains what YouChat is, who built it, and how to use it.

What Is It?

You.com is a search engine that works in a more conversational way. YouChat is an AI tool developed by You.com similar to ChatGPT. YouChat is built using existing Large Language Model (LLM) AIs combined with custom features created by You.com.

You can use the search engine features for web searches in the traditional way, but you can also use YouChat to get the information you seek.

When you use YouChat, you don't get answers by typing a keyword or phrase into a search bar. Instead, you use a chat interface to ask a complete question the same way you might ask a person. The response is delivered inline in the chat conversation—no need to go to other websites or do lots of reading to piece together the answer.

That's the breakthrough offered by YouChat and other AI search tools: they summarize huge numbers of documents and websites to provide you with a short, detailed answer to your question. With traditional search engines, you visit lots of websites to gather and synthesize the information yourself to create your own answer. YouChat and similar tools do the synthesizing for you, delivering answers faster and then letting you ask follow-up questions that maintain the context of your original question in the same way you'd ask a human expert.

The most famous example of an AI chat tool is ChatGPT. While YouChat and ChatGPT are very similar, they're not the same—they're powered by different technology and content. You can think of them in the same way you do Google and Yahoo. Those sites are both search engines and serve similar purposes, but they're different in terms of their content, interface, and experience.

Who Built This?

YouChat was built by You.com, a search engine that was founded in late 2021 by former Salesforce employees. You.com was created with the intention of using artificial intelligence to deliver better results to users and to get better over time by learning your interests and usage patterns. At the same time, You.com claims to protect user privacy. It currently operates ad-free.

YouChat isn't You.com's only AI-powered tool. You company also offers: YouWrite, a writing tool based on GPT3, which is the engine that powers ChatGPT; YouCode, for generating computer code; YouImagine for image generation.

How Does It Impact Me?

How YouChat impacts you depends on you. If you're already a You.com user, YouChat adds an efficient new way to get information.

If you're not a You.com user, there are two potential impacts. First, you might check out You.com and YouChat.

Beyond that, YouChat provides a glimpse of the future of search powered by AI chatbots. Using YouChat helps provide new ways to find information and suggests ways that search engines may change, It demonstrates a future in which an AI sifts through data for you, summarizes information quickly, remembers the context of your searches when you ask follow-up questions and delivers everything in a human-sounding, natural way.

In short, YouChat impacts you because it provides a glimpse of the future of searching for information online.

How Can I Try It?

Ready to try YouChat? It's easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to You.com and click one of the YouChat buttons.

    The You.com homepage
  2. Log into your You.com account or create a new one.

    The You.com login screen
  3. Ask YouChat a question by typing into the chat bar and hitting Return/Enter or clicking the send icon.

    YouChat answering a question
  4. Based on the answer, you can ask follow-up questions that are more specific, or are comparative, without needing to restate your original question.

    A multi-question conversation with YouChat
  • Is the YouChat chat search engine related to the YouChat messaging app?

    Despite the same names, no, YouChat the AI search engine is not related to the YouChat app/service available for the iPhone and Android-based phones.

  • What are other AI search engines like YouChat?

    Along with YouChat, there's ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing. There will likely be dozens more as time goes on. It's hard to recommend one over the other as they each have strengths and weaknesses, but they are all fun to try.

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