What is Yahoo Account Key and How Does it Work?

How to use Yahoo's no-password login

Yahoo is a well-known search engine, but this is not the only service the company provides. They also offer other services like maps, videos, a web portal, news, social media sites, and email, also known as Yahoo Mail. The latter has recently released a new feature known as Yahoo Account Key.

This article gives a brief explanation of Yahoo Account Key, the benefits it provides to end-users, the requirements to use it, and how to set it up.

What is Yahoo Account Key?

These days, passwords can be a liability. If anyone learns your password, they can access your account from anywhere at any time without you noticing. A Yahoo account key is a new security feature that Yahoo has enabled for their email services to eliminate the need for a password. This feature allows you to access your email with a simple click on your mobile device and without the need to remember and enter a password. This means that you have a physical verification from a trusted device whenever you are trying to access your email account, instead of relying on a string of characters that can be hacked.

Before you set up your Yahoo Account Key, you will need to meet some requirements:

How to Configure Yahoo Account Key

  1. Download and launch the Yahoo Mail app

    Install, Open, Sign in with Yahoo buttons in Yahoo Mail for Android
  2. Sign in to your Yahoo email account.

    Next, Sign in, Yahoo Mail interface on Android
  3. Tap the Menu icon on the top left corner.

  4. Tap the Key icon next to your email address.

  5. Tap the Set up Account Key button.

    Menu button, Key icon, Set up Account Key on Yahoo Mail app
  6. Tap the green checkmark on the Sample Account Key screen.

  7. Tap the Got it button

  8. Confirm your mobile number by tapping the Enable Yahoo Account Key button.

    Green checkmark, Got it button, Enable Yahoo Account key button on Android

    If the mobile number that shows up is not your, please tap the Update my phone number and enter the correct information.

  9. You have successfully set up your Yahoo Account Key, tap the Great, got it! button to go back to your Yahoo Mail app.

How to Use Your Yahoo Account Key?

After setting up your Yahoo Account Key, it is time to use it.

  1. Launch your favorite browser.

  2. Navigate to https://yahoo.com

  3. Click the Mail button on the top right.

    Mail button for Yahoo on the web
  4. Enter your Yahoo email account and click Next.

    Next button for Yahoo Mail sign in
  5. You will be prompted on your mobile device where you set up the Yahoo Account Key to allow or deny the sign in request. Tap Yes to proceed or No if it was not you who attempted to access your Yahoo email account.

    Yes button sign in confirmation on Android

    If you do not receive the notification on your mobile device, click the Resend button on the link to push again the notification to your mobile device.

    Resend button in Yahoo Mail on the web
  6. After tapping Yes, you will get access to your email account.