What Is the Xbox Network?

The subscription service offers more than just games

The Xbox network, previously known as Xbox Live, is Microsoft's online service for gaming and content distribution for the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One video game systems.

It lets you play games against other people online as well as download demos, trailers, and even full games in the Xbox Live Arcade. You get to choose a nickname (called a gamertag) which is how you're known to other people in any games you play. You can keep friends lists to stay in touch with real-life friends or new people you meet online you like to play with.

Xbox Live Gold is a subscription-based service that can be purchased for one month, three-month, and one-year periods. You can either buy subscription cards at retail stores or you can use your credit card on the console itself to sign up. You need an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, as well as a broadband internet service provider, to use it.

The Xbox network is no longer available on the original Xbox console.

There are two levels of service. The free level, previously called Xbox Live Silver, lets you download things from the Xbox Marketplace; chat with friends; use apps such as Netflix, ESPN, and many others; and share your gamer profile with other users. You can even chat in groups and access online multiplayer features for free-to-play games. However, you can't play most games online without an ​Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription and Gift Cards

Buying things on Xbox One (and Xbox 360 now) is done in good ol' local currency, so no more trying to figure out how much 800 Microsoft Points really costs. If you see a game priced at $10, it costs $10, which is much simpler. This means that instead of buying Microsoft Points at retailers, you can now buy Microsoft Gift Cards in various amounts. You can also buy Xbox Live Gold subscription cards at retailers.


We highly recommend you use the gift and subscription cards noted above instead of putting your credit card info on your Xbox network account. Basically, if you don't put your credit card info on your account, there's nothing for hackers to potentially steal. Microsoft has greatly upped the security on Xbox network accounts over the last few years, so getting hacked isn't as common as it used to be (it was never exactly common, though, just to be clear), but it's better to be safe.

You do still have to put some form of payment option into your account, however, and we recommend using PayPal. It offers an extra couple of layers of safety and security on top of what Microsoft already does to keep your information secure. 

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