What Is Wireless USB?

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Wireless USB is a term that can refer to any of several technologies that utilize a computer's USB ports for wireless local networking.

Wireless USB via UWB

Certified Wireless USB is an industry standard for of USB wireless networking based on ultra-wide band (UWB) signaling technology. Computer peripherals enabled with certified wireless USB interfaces connect and communicate wirelessly with a computer's standard USB port. Certified wireless USB can support data rates up to 480 Mbps (megabits per second).
See also - Wireless USB from the USB Implementers Forum (usb.org)

Wi-Fi Wireless USB Adapters

External Wi-Fi adapters commonly plug into the USB port of a computer. These adapters are casually called "wireless USB" although the protocol used for signalling is Wi-Fi. Network speeds are limited accordingly; a USB adapter for 802.11g handles a maximum of 54 Mbps, for example.

Other Wireless USB Technologies

Various wireless USB adapters also exist supporting alternatives to Wi-Fi:

  • Bluetooth
  • IrDA infrared
  • other proprietary signalling technology

Examples of these products include Belkin Mini Bluetooth adapters and various Xbox 360 peripherals.