What is WiMAX?

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WiMAX stands for WorldWide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is technically referred to by the IEEE as 802.16. WiMAX is also commonly termed 4G network. It is a wireless wide area network (WAN) that can cover what DSL lines can cover, but without wires. It can give Internet connectivity to computers in the way GSM has given phone connectivity to mobile phones and made them replace fixed landline phones.

Wired connectivity, like DSL, provides broadband access but besides being fixed, is expensive and does not reach certain areas. On the other side, Wi-Fi, the most common wireless technology, has very limited coverage and it is not always easy to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. WiMAX comes as a solution mid-way between these two: it provides high-quality broadband access and has a very high penetrability, in that the microwaves it emits can be accessed at every nook and corner of its large coverage area.

WiMAX can give you connectivity in your desktop computer, laptop and even mobile device. For a simple scenario, you can connect to the Internet through your WiMAX connection at home, at work, in the park and even at the seaside, given that your WiMAX service provider's networks covers all these places. This said, you can even make cheap and free VoIP phone calls using a WiMAX enabled mobile phone, or simply your laptop computer.

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Also Known As: 4G, WiBro

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