WhatsApp Plus: What It Is and How It Differs From WhatsApp

What new features are in this modified version of the original messenger app?

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial app that replicates WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service, adding some extra features. Before you dive into trying out WhatsApp Plus, it's important to know what's involved.

WhatsApp Plus is only available for Android phones. An iOS equivalent doesn't currently exist. 

What Is WhatsApp Plus?

Working kind of like a WhatsApp premium service, WhatsApp Plus is an app for Android smartphones that adds extra features to your existing WhatsApp app. For the most part, it enables you to customize your experience extensively such as by installing themes or new fonts. 

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There are downsides though. For one thing, it's not an official app. You can't download it from the Google Play Store. Instead, you have to download the APK file and install it manually. That means you need to know that you downloaded it from a safe source, otherwise it could steal your data or damage your phone. 

Some scams suggest that you have to pay for WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Premium. WhatsApp is always 100% free. Never agree to pay for anything to do with it.

What's the Difference Between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Plus have similar purposes—to make it easy for you to message your friends—but there are some key differences you should know before you decide whether to use WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus.


What We Like
  • It's the official app so it's safe to use

  • Easier to install than WhatsApp Plus

  • No risk of being banned

  • More secure than other messaging apps

What We Don't Like
  • Limited customization options

  • No ability to install different themes

  • No multiple account support

  • You can't 'undelete' messages

WhatsApp is the safest bet for those that don't need extra features. It takes seconds to install directly from the Google Play Store, and it's very easy to use. You won't have to worry about anything to do with your security, and it simply just works. It doesn't offer as many features as WhatsApp Plus, however.

WhatsApp Plus

What We Like
  • You can change the colors, fonts, and themes of WhatsApp

  • You can disable voice calls and hide your profile picture

  • Multiple account support - up to 4 accounts

  • Possible to 'undelete' previously sent messages

What We Don't Like
  • Not as secure as WhatsApp and not as safe to send confidential information

  • You could be banned from WhatsApp for using it

  • Installation is trickier than the standard app

  • Support might stop at any time as it's unofficial

WhatsApp Plus is for those users who like to tinker with their apps. It offers extensive customization features like the ability to change themes, fonts, and the colors of your app. It's also useful to be able to hide your profile picture or when you're typing a message. However, it is less secure than the official app. There's no guarantee how long it'll be supported for, and it is possible to be banned by WhatsApp for using the app.

If you do decide to install WhatsApp Plus, you may be required to uninstall the original WhatsApp app from your device. Always make sure you have a complete backup of anything you don't want to lose before making those kind of changes.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use? 

As an unofficial app, WhatsApp Plus isn't as safe to use as the official WhatsApp client. There have been suggestions on forums that some users have had their accounts banned for using WhatsApp Plus.

There's also the issue that you're entrusting an unofficial app with your data such as your chat history, contacts list, and any files you may share with the service. 

It's important to be aware of the risk and to be careful of what you share. 

When you first download WhatsApp Plus, make sure it's from a reputable source to give you the best chance of a safe experience. 

If you're really security conscious though, stick with the official WhatsApp Messenger app for peace of mind.

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