What Is 'WB' In Video Games?

WB in gaming

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'WB' means 'world boss' or 'welcome back' in online gaming. The 'world boss' meaning refers to large enemy monsters who are standing in the open, waiting to be challenged by 8 to 32 grouped players. The 'welcome back' meaning refers to exactly that: greeting someone who has returned from being away.

History and Usage of "WB"

This 'wb' expression originated in the 1990s from the growing online chat culture, particularly in online gaming. Gamers would greet their game friends returning to their computers after going afk.
With today's MMO games (massive multiplayer online games), the term 'wb' has now also come to mean that 'I'm looking to kill the world boss if anyone wants to join me'.
Some examples of this pwned expression in digital culture:

  • Eggplant: 'OK, back. The dogs needed to go out'
  • Spikeli: 'wb, dude'
  • Envelope: 'ok, eggplant is here, perfect. We just need 2M to kill the wb'
  • Spikeli: 'cool. Brian and I will come for world boss, and that should make a full group of 8'

Indeed, digital culture has spilled over into daily life. It is common for the modern generation to use these expressive techno terms in daily conversation.