What Is Vevo? An Intro to the Popular Music Video Platform

Vevo has produced hundreds of thousands of music videos

You may have seen the name Vevo on the bottom of music videos. Vevo is a premium music video entity that aims to give a voice and global platform to emerging and established artists from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. Vevo has undergone a few changes since its 2009 launch, so here's a look at Vevo's history and where it stands today.

Khalid video on YouTube with Vevo logo in the lower-right corner

Vevo's History

Vevo, whose name combines video and evolution, wanted to change the way music videos reach fans. Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI formed the venture in 2009, with Warner Music group joining the fun in 2016. EMI eventually left the partnership to pursue its own music video delivery system.

The Vevo.com website originally was a music video-streaming platform. Along with its companion mobile app, Vevo was successful at first with both viewers and advertisers. A partnership and profit-sharing agreement with Google meant that Vevo's videos also streamed on YouTube.

But YouTube and Vevo jostled for power and control. In 2018, Vevo waved the white flag and conceded to YouTube's monster reach. Going forward, Vevo announced it would shutter its streaming service and apps and focus on cultivating and sharing original content through other channels.

Vevo Today

Vevo is now responsible for releasing more than 450,000 videos, with more than a billion viewing hours for its videos each month. Aside from showcasing its artists, Vevo produces original shows, including Ctrl, which follows the journeys of urban music artists, and Rounds, which looks at European artists.

Other original content includes Lift, which showcases exclusive performances of young, up-and-coming artists, and DSCVR, which aims to help new artists reach an audience. There's also behind-the-scenes footage, live performances, and interviews with artists.

Where to Find Vevo Content

The Vevo website is no longer a source for streaming Vevo content. Still, there are various platforms where you can enjoy Vevo's offerings. Look for the Vevo branding in the lower-right corner of a music video to make sure you're watching a Vevo production.


YouTube is the biggest host of Vevo music videos and shows. Navigate to the Vevo channel on YouTube, which has nearly 20 million subscribers, to see new videos and browse nearly 20,000 videos categorized by genre, albums, playlists, new releases, and more.

Vevo channel on YouTube

There are also featured channels within the Vevo channel for Vevo playlists, artists' Vevo sub-channels, and Vevo for other countries.

Vevo's YouTube sub-channels


Add the Vevo channel on Roku to access more than 14,000 HD videos and playlists.

Vevo channel for Roku

Apple TV

Add the Vevo app to Apple TV for official artist videos, exclusive performances, and original content. Search for content, or browse to find new music.

Apple TV's Vevo app

More Places

Find Vevo channels or apps for Samsung TV Plus, Amazon Fire TV devices, Alexa-enabled devices, Pluto TV, Sky Q, Now TV, and Xumo.

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