Is UMADBRO the Same as You Mad and He Mad?

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'U mad bro', is a noteworthy internet expression because it is simultaneously a meme, a form of trolling, and a form of flaming all at once. Along with its common variants 'u mad', 'you mad' and 'you mad bro', 'umadbro' is a type of taunt that says 'hey, you're starting to lose your temper' and 'I've obviously struck a nerve with you'. You would use the umadbro expression when you want to insensitively enrage the other person during an argument. Since 2003, users have been using the umadbro phrase to troll other users and goad them into more arguing and frustration online.

Over the years, this umadbro phrase has made its way into Facebook arguments, text message conversations, and even to sports fans goading each other at stadiums. Thanks to popular user-driven websites like 4chan and Reddit, umadbro has grown into several different forms.

Various Spellings of the Umadbro Expression

Various versions of 'u mad bro' have spawned over the years. You will see 'umad', 'youmad', 'youmadbro', and 'uzmad' as versions of the umadbro taunt. You will also see versions like 'he mad', 'she mad', ' i ain't mad', and 'why u mad tho' as variations of the umad expression. Because of cell phone text messaging, you can expect lowercase spelling to be the default for this meme expression.

Example of the Umadbro Expression

Quentin: but God says that anyone who does not repent will be damned for eternity.

pimpinImp: well my dad says that Santa Claus fits down the chimney too. that doesn't make it true.

Quentin: That's not the same thing! Santa is a myth made for children.

pimpinImp: so is your god. u mad bro?

Quentin: You are going to pay for your disbelief!

pimpinImp: yup, ur definitely mad. careful man or else you'll blow a vein.

Origins of the Umadbro Expression

While the exact origin of umadbro is unclear, it is believed that the expression came from hip-hop music in the early 2000's. A New York rap musician named Cam'Ron appeared on the Bill O'Reilly show in 2003. During a heated argument over how the music affected children, Cam'Ron taunts Bill O'Reilly with 'You mad! You mad!' in the interview. That videotape still of that argument was subsequently captioned with 'YOU MAD' and circulated on the internet.

Public Controversy Around the Umadbro Expression

Because many people attribute the umadbro phrase to African-American hip-hop singers, 'umadbro' is sometimes interpreted as being a race-specific expression or a racial slur. One particular example of this umadbro racial interpretation is the 2011 high school football game in Painesville, Ohio. When the Thomas Harvey High School team lost to Kirtland High School, some Kirtland fans raised a large banner that read 'You Mad Bro'. This meme banner immediately spawned tremendous controversy with the football fans. Within twenty-four hours, one school superintendent spoke to the news and claimed that the banner was both 'racial intimidation' and 'ethnic intimidation'. At the very least, the public outcry claimed that the You Mad Bro banner was poor sportsmanship.

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