What Is Uber Ride Pass?

Get a discounted rate on all of your ride shares

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Uber Ride Pass is a low-cost, monthly recurring pass that allows ride-sharers to find discounted transportation as often as needed.

Uber's 'Pool Pass' Option Is Subscription-based

The Ride Pass was created as an easier way for consistent ride-sharers to find affordable transportation. When the company pools passengers together, it can save money so the idea is to pass those savings along to riders willing to share rides.

Each month, riders pay a subscription price of $24.99 to keep the pass. Using it gives a variety of discounts on Uber rides as well as flat-rate pricing without surges or surprises. With the pass, the idea is that prices don't fluctuate on weekends or during special events so riders can better budget their wallets.

Where Ride Pass Is Available

Current cities include (but are not limited to):

  • New York, New York
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Diego, California
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Portland, Oregon
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Los Angeles, California

Uber Ride Pass is only available in select cities across the United States and can only be used in the city where it was purchased. To see if Ride Pass is available in your city, simply open the Uber app. You'll find the option in the menu of your Uber app if it is available near you.

How to Get Ride Pass

Uber app showing Ride Pass menu options

If Ride Pass is available in your city, you'll see it as an option in the Uber menu.

To access Ride Pass, open your Uber app and locate Ride Pass on the left-hand menu. Select it to see a purchase screen with an outline of the program's benefits. Tap Get a Pass, confirm your payment method, then tap Buy.

Want to cancel your subscription to Ride Pass? You can do so right from the Uber app. Uber allows you to cancel your subscription anytime, no strings attached.

From inside the app, you can also view your savings history as well as how many days you have left until your next renewal.

There are no extra steps for using Ride Pass after you make your initial subscription purchase. Once purchased, the Uber app will reflect price changes right inside your app. You can view your Ride Pass details at any time by visiting Ride Pass in your Uber app menu.

The Benefits Of Using Uber Ride Pass

Uber Ride Pass offers many unique benefits such as:

  • Price protection: Regardless of the time of day you request a ride, your price is protected through Uber. This means you can plan your day without worrying about surge pricing during bad weather or rush hour.
  • Track your savings in the app: Want to know how much you're saving using Ride Pass? View your savings in the app under the menu and Ride Pass.
  • Easy subscription pricing: The subscription price of $24.99 is a recurring payment, automatically taken from your account each month. There's no need to remember to pay for your pass. And yes, you can cancel anytime.
  • Enjoy JUMP rides in select cities: In cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville and more, you'll receive 30 minutes of free JUMP rides on available e-bikes and scooters per day.

Is Ride Pass for You?

Uber Ride Pass won't necessarily benefit everyone that uses the Uber app. In fact, it's better suited for individuals who use Uber daily. Do you use Uber to commute back and forth to work? Do you make frequent trips into town each week via ride share? If so, Ride Pass might be for you.

But, if you only use Uber occasionally, it may actually cost you more than your typical cost per ride.

Other Ways To Save Money On Uber Rides

Even if you're considering Ride Pass, there are other methods you can use to save money on your ride share trips.

  • Uber Rewards: Uber offers a robust rewards program for those who use the app occasionally or daily. You'll earn a point for every eligible dollar you spend on rides and earn $5 Uber Cash for every 500 points. Plus, you can enjoy flexible cancellations, priority airport pick-ups and more as your points go up.
  • Uber Referrals: You can use your own unique referral code to earn free Uber rides. When a friend signs up for Uber and takes their first trip, you'll receive a free ride.

Overall, the Uber Ride Pass monthly subscription is a great way to save cash on ride sharing when heading out. If you travel via Uber frequently, it could be time to check it out.