What Is Uber Jump?

Learn about Uber's electric bike and scooter share

A photo of four, red, electric Uber Jump bikes all parked next to each other on a street.

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Car rides aren't the only service Uber offers. The popular ridesharing app has recently added a bike and electric scooter share service called Uber Jump, a good alternative service for those who need a form of transportation to a certain location, but don't mind operating the actual vehicle that gets them there.

Uber's Newest Service: Uber Jump

Uber Jump is an electric bike (e-bike) and scooter share service offered by Uber that allows you to rent electric bikes and scooters to use for fun or transportation. While it's a different, separate service from the ridesharing service Uber is known for, you can still access Uber Jump in the same Uber app used for purchasing rides from Uber drivers.

Before we get into how each individual Uber Jump service works (bikes vs. scooters), there are a couple of general things to note about Uber Jump.


Uber Jump isn't as widely available as the Uber rideshare service. As it's still fairly new, Uber Jump is only available in a few select cities in the United States, and is decidedly less available worldwide.

Uber Jump e-bikes are offered in 16 U.S. cities, and nine of these cities also offer Jump scooters. Worldwide, only five cities offer Jump e-bikes, and of these cities, Paris is the only one that also offers scooters. And speaking of Jump scooters, only 13 cities in the United States offer scooters. On the international front, Madrid is the only other city, besides Paris, that offers scooters.

You can find a completed updated listing of all the cities that offer Uber Jump on the Uber Jump Cities webpage.


If you're planning to use an Uber Jump bike or scooter and want to be safe, you need to know these electric vehicles don't come with helmets, meaning you'll need to have your own. If you don't have your own helmet, Uber has partnered with two helmet vendors to give Uber Jump users decent discounts on helmets. You can find links to the discounted helmets on Uber Jump's Safety webpage.

How Uber Jump Works: Uber Bikes

Jump bikes are essentially electric bikes with pedals and a motor. Your speed is determined by how hard you pedal, while the motor will enhance your speed as you pedal.

Renting a Bike

To rent and use an Uber Jump bike, you'll need to open the Uber app on your phone, tap either Bike or Ride, then tap Bike & Scooter. From there, you'll be able to see all of the available bikes located nearby. Once you reserve a bike, you'll receive a PIN to unlock the Jump bike and the app will begin billing you for using the bike within five minutes of you making your reservation.

You may come across a Jump bike that has a QR code in the handlebars. To use this kind of Jump bike, you'll need to scan the code with your phone to make your reservation.

When you're done using your Jump bike, you can just lock the bike to any public bike rack (that is also approved by your city). Just use the provided U-Lock to do so.


Pricing for renting an Uber Jump bike varies depending on which city you happen to be in. To see each participating city's pricing, you'll need to visit the Uber Jump Cities webpage, then select your desired city to view their prices.

For an idea of how much the pricing varies from city to city: New York City charges $2 for the first 30 minutes, then $0.07 for every minute after; Atlanta charges $1 to unlock a bike or scooter, then it's $0.10 per minute after you unlock it. Neither of these prices include sales tax; both cities charge a $25 fee for locking up your bike "outside the system area."

How Uber Jump Works: Uber Scooters

Uber scooters are rented and used in much the same way as the Uber Jump bikes are used.

While it's unclear if Uber Jump bikes follow the same requirements, it's clearly stated that Uber Scooter users must have a valid driver's license, be at least 18 years old, and wear a helmet.

To rent an Uber scooter, open the Uber app, then tap Ride > Bike & Scooter. From there, you'll claim a scooter by using one of two methods:

  • Reserve: You can reserve a scooter in advance, find it later, then unlock it by scanning the scooter's included QR code.
  • Walk up: Walk up to an empty scooter, select the Uber app's QR code icon, then scan the scooter's QR code to unlock it.

The billing for your scooter rental should be the same as if you were using a Jump bike, but be sure to check your city's Uber Jump webpage to confirm the pricing.

When you're done with your scooter, you'll be expected to park it near a bike rack, in an approved parking zone that is displayed by the Uber app.