The Nodersok/Divergent Virus: What It Is and How to Remove It

Wipe this risky malware from your system

A conceptual illustration of the Nodersok virus (Divergent virus) destroying a laptop computer.

Lifewire / Theresa Chiechi

Have you visited suspicious websites and viewed malicious ads? Found HTA (HTML executable) files on your system and opened them by mistake? You may have been infected with the Nodersok virus or Divergent malware.

Nodersok or Divergent affects Windows-based systems only. Mac users are unaffected by this form of malware. 

What Is the Nodersok/Divergent Virus?

The Nodersok/Divergent virus is an irritating form of adware/malware that potentially turns your computer into a proxy that can relay malicious traffic for nefarious means. It also potentially uses your PC as a way in which to commit click-fraud, earning the assailant money through your system. 

It opens up your PC to numerous potential threats if left unattended.

Microsoft refers to this virus as Nodersok while Cisco calls it Divergent, hence the two different names. 

How Does Nodersok/Divergent Work?

Nodersok/Divergent works subtly in the background of your PC. It's not a particularly invasive virus in terms of disrupting your usage. Instead, it downloads HTA files onto your PC before running an infection process in the background. There, it can use a mixture of legitimate apps and nefarious scripts to relay malicious traffic or perform click-fraud. It sometimes masks itself as a safe app which, in theory, can make it harder for antivirus software to detect. That's also why it can be known as the Windows Defender virus as it uses files connected to it to appear safe.

On the surface, Nodersok/Divergent is not as dangerous as a 'true' virus or form of malware, but it has the potential to get worse. Once installed on your system, it's possible for its creators to add further Trojans and viruses to your system without you realizing. 

It's important that you delete the threat quickly so that the problem doesn't escalate and get worse.

How Do I Know I Have the Nodersok/Divergent Virus?

It's hard to detect if you have Nodersok/Divergent on your computer as it works in the background. Potentially, you may notice some slowdown on your system but even this is unlikely for fast PCs. 

That's why it's important to run regular antivirus software scans or use malware detection tools to spot any potential underlying issues before they get worse. 

How Did I Get the Nodersok/Divergent Virus?

Nodersok/Divergent typically arrives on people's computers via malicious ads that are available on nefarious and suspicious websites. If you browse less reputable sites, these are the kind of places that have banner ads that can contain the Nodersok/Divergent malware. 

The ads forcibly downloads HTA files that once opened then launch a series of infectious scripts that spread the virus onto your PC. Your computer is then exposed to various security flaws.

How Do I Get Rid of the Nodersok/Divergent Virus?

The most effective way to get rid of the Nodersok/Divergent malware virus is to use antivirus software, as well as a malware removal app. 

Antivirus software can take several hours to complete the process, depending on the speed of your computer, but it also offers you the best methods in which to remove the malicious files. 

It's also worth installing a malware removal tool which helps detect malware like Nodersok/Divergent and delete it before it causes any problems.

Like antivirus software, malware scanning can take many hours depending on the size of your computer's hard drive, as well as its speed. 

You can also use System Restore to return to an earlier point on your computer before you picked up the Nodersok/Divergent virus. Be sure to pick a time period where you know you definitely didn't already have the virus on your computer. 

If you're very concerned about being infected, you can choose to reformat and reinstall your computer. It is the best guarantee that you've completely deleted Nodersok/Divergent from your system. 

Reformatting your computer can take a long time to do and requires a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to setting your computer up. It can also cause you to lose all the data on your computer if it's not backed up. Don't rush into the decision; try all other methods first. 

How Can I Avoid Getting the Nodersok/Divergent Virus Again?

There are a few crucial ways in which you can lower your chances of being re-infected with Nodersok/Divergent (or receiving any other virus). There are also specific tips that relate directly to Nodersok/Divergent.

  • Update your antivirus software and malware protection. Keep your antivirus software and malware protection up to date. New virus definitions are released regularly and these keep your PC informed on what to look for with new virus and malware based threats. 
  • Be wary of new programs. It's important to know the source of the programs and apps you've downloaded. Less reputable sites bundle in extra add-ons that you don't require which can include Nodersok/Divergent. 
  • Stick to well known websites. Nodersok/Divergent can also infect your computer through the suspicious websites you might browse. Clicking on the 'wrong' link can lead to you downloading Nodersok/Divergent. Be careful on websites such as torrenting sites. 
  • Don't click on banner ads. When a pop-up banner appears when browsing a website, don't click on it. Often, it's safest to go to a different website than stay on a site that inundates you with pop-up adverts.