What is The Free Dictionary?

TheFreeDictionary.com is an incredibly useful dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedic Web site that collates content from a wide variety of sources on the Web. TheFreeDictionary is owned by Farlex, a company that also owns The Free Library, Definition-Of.com, and We Buy Websites. This site offers an amazing variety of free resources, anything from a thesaurus to a medical dictionary to all sorts of different language resources to an article of the day. You can also create your own personalized homepage with this site, simply by adding and removing modules on the page or by adding RSS feeds from your favorite sites. 

Available Resources

TheFreeDictionary.com offers a useful array of resources for Web searchers, including dictionaries in several different languages, medical dictionaries, legal and financial dictionaries, acronym lookups, and access to several different encyclopedic sources. TheFreeDictionary.com is a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia all rolled up into one useful resource.

How to Find What You're Looking For

Type your search in the TheFreeDictionary.com's search bar, and you'll be able to find what you need with a minimum of fuss. For more advanced searches, click on the question mark next to the search bar, and you'll get detailed instructions on how to use the radio buttons underneath the search bar to filter your searches. You can also change the language in which you're searching for; click on the tiny keyboard next to the search bar, and you'll be able to use language-specific keyboards in ten different languages.

Available Extras

TheFreeDictionary.com offers quite a few useful tools for Web searchers, including a free toolbar with extensions, mobile apps, and the ability to customize your TheFreeDictionary.com homepage by rearranging existing information or adding your own content from other sources on the Web.

A few of the most intriguing features on this site include a Today's Birthday feature, Quotation of the Day, Today's Holiday, Weather, a Match Up game that basically tests your vocabulary, and of course, every sort of dictionary you could  possibly imagine, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Russian; as well as medical, legal, and financial dictionary resources, abbreviations, idioms, and even a literature reference library. 

This site also functions as a search engine, giving users the ability to search not only in the Free Dictionary's array of resources, but also Google and Bing. You can search via keyword, but you can also utilize "Starts With", "Ends With", or just type in text. Advanced search capabilities are available here; but not necessarily needed: I typed in a simple search (query:"love poem") and received smart results, including poetry defined, examples of famous poetry and authors, the most well-known terms in English literature relating to poetry, and a wide variety of poets with links to their bodies of work. Quite a valuable resource!