Telecommuting Definition

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"Telecommuting" refers to a working arrangement or work style where an employee regularly does his or her work off-site, or outside of the principal office. Telecommuters typically work from home one or more days a week and communicate with the office using telephones and over the Internet.

Telecommuting is a type of flexible work arrangement, which can include other non-traditional setups like flexible schedules.

The term, however, does not describe situations where employees sometimes take work home with them or where an employees's job involves a lot of off-site work or travel (e.g., sales).

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Also Known As: telework, remote work, flexible work arrangement, teleworking, virtual work, mobile work, e-work

Common Misspellings: telecomute, telecomuting

Examples: Telecommuting from home helps employees save time, gas money, and, often, increases productivity.