A Complete Rundown of TeamSpeak

Free voice communication for groups

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TeamSpeak is what it names says: it allows members of a team to speak to each other. There are many ways of doing that, but TeamSpeak makes it easy and interesting even when the members of the team are scattered around the globe. It uses VoIP and the Internet to connect people through servers. This can be achieved often for free. Dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of people can communicate in real-time using this tool, either to have fun or to collaborate in a more serious and professional context.

TeamSpeak offers voice communication trough apps and service. The apps are free. There are server software and clients. The service is licensed to servers for a fee. This license is free if the group or company using it makes no direct or indirect profit on its use. As an individual or a group, you connect to the servers, often against a monthly fee, for communication.

Why Use TeamSpeak?

The main reason for which people use TeamSpeak is collaboration and communication over the internet or a network. Then, companies use it to cut down their communication cost, at least on calls made internally within members of the organization, where they are remotely situated or inside one same facility using a private network. This saves them from having to pay telcos the cost of their calls. Then, there is the whole arsenal of features that make voice communication so rich.

The inconvenience of Using TeamSpeak

While the software is free and the server costs negligibly (in fact, you only need a headset with what you already have in your computer set, including a good internet connection), the service behind might be a bit complicated to hold. That’s because you need to pay for a server.

If you are a profit-making organization, adding the cost of a server to your investment is just logical, but if you are a non-profit organization, you have to consider a free option. TeamSpeak actually gives non-profit organizations free service but they have to host their own servers, which can be somewhat complex.

TeamSpeak is a great tool, but for great needs. With its geeky interface and implications, not everyone will find it worth the try, especially people with lesser needs (in terms of audience) and people fancying or valuing video communication along. In this case, tools like Skype may prove better.

Who Uses TeamSpeak?

Whoever you are, there is a great chance you will find a need to communicate through TeamSpeak. Here are fields in which TeamSpeak can be used and can benefit.

Gaming Online

The majority of TeamSpeak users are online gamers and the app contains special features for them. They communicate with one another in real-time playing games on the internet or on private networks. The traditional method of typing text just does not fit for gaming, so voice collaboration, especially in strategy and teamwork games, makes things more real and convenient. More so with the integration of 3D sound effects in the latest version, allowing gamers to hear sounds from specific locations within the 3D sphere around them.


As explained above, tools such as TeamSpeak allow teams to communicate and collaborate without paying the usually expensive phone minutes. TeamSpeak runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and mobile platforms. Organizations include businesses, government organizations, clubs, etc. There are apps also for mobile devices running Android and iOS (iPhone, iTab), which are great for mobile communication within a corporate context.


A lot of things can be taught and shared in voice between people using TeamSpeak. It could facilitate online tutoring, virtual classrooms, conference sessions involving up to a thousand participants (free for non-profit organizations).

Anyone Can Use It

Individuals can set up a TeamSpeak network with a paid hosted server and make the link with families and friends. Participants pay nothing, but only have to download and install the app. As mentioned above, you will find TeamSpeak useful only if you have a considerably big audience and care for the features that it offers.