TC Expression - What It Means

TC is an abbreviation for "take care"

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The acronym "TC" means to "take care." It's an alternative way of saying "farewell" or "bye" in online chat rooms, instant messaging applications, email, etc.

This texting abbreviation is often spelled in all lowercase letters as "tc," and can be considered to mean the opposite of another abbreviation, TB, which means "welcome back."

How and When to Use TC

TC is used to politely express farewell salutations towards a regular member of an online community.

When that person is about to log off and be absent for a while, like overnight, it's common to say "tc" before leaving.

TC Usage Examples

  • OK, peeps. I have to log for the night, wife is calling me. See you guys tomorrow!

    tc, man. see you tomorrow
  • Thanks so much for your help today! TC!
  • You've had a really tough week... tc this weekend
  • It was so nice to see you last night. tc

Related Expressions

Here are some internet and chat related terms that are related to TC:

  • TLC: tender loving care
  • TCB: take care of business, taking care of business
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