What Is Tagged.com?

This under-the-radar social site is a hot spot to meet, chat and even date

An image graphic of a dating profile on a smartphone.

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Tagged is a social network that people use to make new friends — both online and in person through meetups. Dating is also a very popular use of this platform.

A Little About Tagged

Tagged.com is older than many of the most popular social networks you love and use today — including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. It debuted on the web back in 2004 and managed to survive through Facebook's domination of the social web.

Like Facebook, Tagged was originally geared toward junior high and high school students before it expanded to include people of all ages. It wasn't however positioned to be a Facebook rival, and according to a TechRepublic interview with the Tagged founders, it's why Tagged is still around today.

Tagged on the Web

A screenshot of Tagged.com.

The social networking experience on Tagged.com is that of a classic, traditional one that reminds us of what Facebook used to be like before it was revamped with its timeline layout. Unfortunately, it does appear to look quite dated.

You can customize your user profile, add friends, view your timeline and engage in fun activities like updating your status or playing games. You also get notification alerts to see your interactions and a messaging feature so you can chat privately with others.

The Tagged Mobile App

Two screenshots of the Tagged mobile app.

The Tagged mobile apps for iOS and Android look and feel nothing like the web version. In fact, the app shares more similarities with the popular dating app Tinder than it does with Facebook.

If you don't already have a Tagged account, you can sign up for one using the mobile app with your phone number. This will make it easier to connect with contacts stored in your phone already who might also be on Tagged.

As soon as you log into your account on the app, you're immediately taken to the Meet Me tab where you'll see your first profile match based on your location along with an X button to pass on the match or a star button to agree with the match. Similar to Tinder, you can swipe left or right on anyone's photo to pass or like them.

Tap the Browse option in the menu at the bottom to discover new users to add as friends. With friends added, you can tap the Chat option to message them, or alternatively broadcast your own live video to your friends by tapping the Live button.

Why Should You Use Tagged?

If you're already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder, Snapchat and all the rest, why should consider jumping on yet another social network?

To be honest, Tagged won't exactly give you a social networking experience you can't find anywhere else already. All that this platform will really do for you is give you a completely new space to meet new people, date and potentially hook up.

If your goal is to make new friends and adding mutuals between your existing Facebook friends isn't working out for you, then giving Tagged a try might be worth it. Likewise, if you've used Tinder or any other dating sites and apps with no luck, it's always possible that Mr. or Mrs. Right could be waiting for you on Tagged.

The Pros of Using Tagged

There are a lot of good things to say about Tagged. Here are the main upsides about the platform worth knowing about:

  • It offers a more open experience than Facebook does, with the opportunity to meet and connect with new friends more easily.
  • There are lots of different sections of your profile that you can customize, including the layout skin, widgets, music, TV, sports, books, interests, dreams and more.
  • See how your profile looks to friends on the web version by selecting Friend's View on your profile.
  • You have your own home feed where you can see friends' posts, like them and comment on them.
  • You can play a game called "Pets" to help you make your friends.
  • You can use the Meet Me tab on the web version to play the Tinder-like matching game found on the Tagged mobile app.
  • You can customize your Tagged profile URL.
  • Tagged profiles offer an old school, Facebook-like "wall" where friends can leave you public messages.
  • You can join groups to connect with like-minded users based on your interests.
  • You can see who's online and control whether you want to be seen or be invisible.
  • You can earn "Gold" by completing certain tasks (such as participating in surveys) so that you can then purchase virtual gifts to give to friends.
  • Upgrading to a VIP account automatically gets you more gold.

The Cons of Using Tagged

On the flip side, a lesser known social network like Tagged can come with a lot of pitfalls that other major social networks don't have. Read through these before you think about joining:

  • There's a huge gap in features and functionality between the web version and mobile app.
  • The web layout is pretty awful and doesn't seem anywhere near up to date with current web design standards.
  • There are tons of advertisements everywhere cluttering up the web version of the social network.
  • There's a banner ad at the bottom of the screen on the mobile app.
  • There's reason to be concerned about privacy and security given that there's no option to enable two-factor authentication, posts are all public and some users experience trouble with blocking others.
  • There's a huge concern about the quality of the community expressed by users particularly in the mobile app comments who say that it's overrun with scam artists and fake profiles.
  • There's no personal bio section on profiles.
  • You can't upload multiple photos or create photo albums like you can on Facebook.
  • There's no search function to search for users by name.
  • You have to upgrade to a VIP account for a monthly cost to get an ad-free experience and access to other features, such as the ability to see who's liked you in the Meet Me tab or who's viewed your profile.