What Is Socialcam? Review of the Socialcam Mobile App

Similar to Viddy, It's Instagram for Videos

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Video and mobile are huge these days, and when you put them together it gets even better. YouTube is probably the most popular video platform, but smaller ones that focus more on user interaction are starting to pop up, like Viddy and Socialcam.

What Is Socialcam?


From the creators of Justin.tv, Socialcam is a mobile app that allows users to easily capture and share new videos. You can customize your videos using Socialcam’s built-in editor with vintage video filters, custom titles and sound clips.


Socialcam Features


If you’re already familiar with Instagram, you’ll probably notice a lot of similarities with the layout of Socialcam, only with videos instead of photos. There’s a menu at the bottom of the screen so you can navigate through the app.

Video feed: Choose the video feed to see all the videos and activity of users you are following, similar to Instagram’s photo feed.

Popular: Choose the popular tab to look at what videos are getting the most likes and comments.

Friends: Chose the friends tab to see a list of the users that are your friends on Socialcam.

Activity: Choose the activity tab to see a summary of who has followed you and liked or commented on your videos.

Unlimited video recording: Unlike Viddy, which only allows you to record and upload videos that are just 15 seconds or less, Socialcam doesn’t give you a limit to length.

Cloud storage: All videos are uploaded fast and stored in the cloud, so you can delete them off your phone without needing to worry about storage limitations.

Privacy: You are in complete control of who you want to see your videos, and you can customize each video so it’s private or public.

Editing: Apply vintage and experimental filters to your videos, apply titles, or choose any of Socialcam’s soundtrack effects to play in the background.

Social Integration: Easily share any of your videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, via Email or through SMS text messaging.

Notifications: When another user likes or comments on one of your videos, you are notified immediately.

Fast uploads: Video is uploaded very fast in the background without any spinners, and you can upload pre-recorded video from your cameraroll as well.


Using Socialcam


After downloading it from iTunes or from Google Play to your iPhone or Android device, Socialcam will ask you to create a new account by signing up through email or by connecting through you existing Facebook or Twitter account.

Socialcam will then pull up a list of recommended users that you can immediately start following if you’re interested. After that, you can start recording video.

Push the middle button to activate Socialcam’s camera. You can switch between the front and back camera, and press the record button to start recording. Once you press the stop button, Socialcam will ask you to type in a title and choose your privacy settings you want on the video.

You can then choose a theme and background music before tagging the post with people you know and sending the finished video to people through email or posting it to social networking sites.


Full Guide Review of Socialcam


I got started using Viddy, which is quite similar to Socialcam.

It’s difficult to choose which one is better because both basically provide nearly the exact same features, and both could be described as an “Instagram for video.”

I like that Socialcam allows unlimited video lengths, whereas Viddy restricts you to video up to a maximum of 15 seconds. 15 seconds isn’t a very long time, so Socialcam may be a better option for people who want to share longer videos.

Personally, I like the darker layout of Viddy better than Socialcam’s. The video feed looks a little bit messy, and I hear that the Android app hasn’t been updated in some time (currently using the iPhone app) so I assume it wouldn’t work very well on my Nexus S.

Overall, it’s extremely easy to use. I love that you are asked after every video to choose your privacy settings and if you want to share it on social media sites. I recommend checking out both Socialcam and Viddy, but if you already know you want to make videos longer than 15 seconds, than Socialcam is obviously the better choice.


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