What is Social Shopping?

The benefits of social shopping

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Social shopping is a buzzword that has been gaining momentum over the past few years, but just what does it entail?

What is Social Shopping?

Social shopping is the combination of social media and e-commerce. In essence, it is taking all of the key aspects of the social web — friends, groups, voting, comments, discussions — and focusing them on the world's favorite activity — shopping — to create social shopping.

Social shopping can take on many forms like ThisNext, a social network devoted to shopping, or ProductWiki, a wiki devoted to product reviews and price comparisons. The common denominator is you. Instead of just looking at some Nine West pumps or some Ed Hardy T-shirts, you are actively participating by voting on the best style or writing reviews.

What is social shopping? It is like bringing your friends with you on the web while you shop.

What Are the Benefits of Social Shopping?

Social shopping beats old-fashioned web shopping because it brings all types of products into one place. No more skipping around from site to site searching for that hard-to-find item.

Social shopping also has advantages even over going to an actual store to shop. With social shopping, you are one click away from comparing prices, and you can easily find out what other people are saying about that Fossil watch or that Alexis Bittar necklace.

Best of all, it's fun. If you like shopping, then you will love social shopping.

I'm Convinced. Lead Me to the Essential Social Shopping Sites

Convinced? Try out some of these social shopping websites:

  • MyItThings: A fashion magazine created by the community, MyItThings goes beyond social shopping by giving you a virtual closet to show off what you have bought.
  • ProductWiki: A wiki centered around product reviews and price comparisons, every social shopper should have ProductWiki saved as one of their favorite bookmarks.