What You Can Do With the Snapseed App

If you have room, download the free Snapseed app right now

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It's free. It's more powerful than Instagram. If you have room on your smartphone or tablet, you should download Snapseed right now. 

Snapseed was a Google acquisition aimed at beefing up Google's photo capabilities, and now it's a Google app with powerful photo-editing filters you can use on your smartphone or tablet. Some see Snapseed as an answer to Instagram, but it is intended to be part of a continuing effort by Google to improve ist photo-editing and sharing software in general. Nik Software—the company that originally made Snapseed—developed a wide range of photo filters and plug-in products, specializing in high dynamic range (HDR) filters. That's a trendy photo technique used by many pro photographers. HDR is available as a setting on many smartphones. 

What Is Snapseed?

Snapseed is a free app available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

Snapseed is sometimes described as an Instagram competitor. That's slightly true in that both apps allow you to take pictures from your phone or tablet, apply filters, and share them on social media platforms. Instagram is much easier to use in a point, filter, and share sense.

Snapseed is more of an artist's tool with advanced features. It's the app you use when you want to take longer to make something a little more advanced. It also means Android users never have to be jealous that their friend's iPhone has better Instagram filters.

What You Can Do With Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo-editing app that offers filters to increase or reduce saturation in images. It has a healing brush, vignette, and glamour glow filters. There are also creative photo frames, textures, and grunge and lighting effects. You can rotate and crop images, fix skewed lines with the Perspective filter, and adjust the white balance of your images. Use the Curves filter to exercise precise control over brightness levels.

Neither Snapseed nor Instagram is the desktop version of Photoshop. What Snapseed adds to Google's portfolio is better mobile expertise. Google+ photo editing and filters are fine, but they're mostly stuck on your desktop, while Snapseed's filters are on your smartphone where you probably took the picture, and they are more powerful. 

Technical Requirements for Snapseed

The Android App is available at the Google Play store: 

  • Android OS 4.4 or later
  • DNG RAW editing is available on any device that can capture DNG and on most other recent devices.

The iOS app is available at the Apple App Store:

  • OS 9.0 or later