What Is Samsung Galaxy Home?

A look at Samsung’s smart speaker

Samsung Galaxy Home
Samsung Galaxy Home.


Galaxy Home is Samsung’s smart speaker featuring its Bixby virtual assistant. It was introduced in August 2018.

Intended as a stereo replacement, the Galaxy Home fills a similar role to competing products, Apple HomePod, Google Home Max, and Sonos speakers.

A Smart Speaker From Samsung

The Galaxy Home was first announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City. The home speaker was displayed on stage and shown off to attendees afterwards but specific details about the speaker were not disclosed and attendees were not given hands-on time with the device.

Galaxy Home has a distinct look with a black body housing omnidirectional tweeters, which is supported by three metal legs. The speaker's look has been compared to things like a wine glass and BBQ grill.

Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker
Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker. Samsung.com

Spotify was promoted as the premiere music service, deeply integrated into the Galaxy Home. For example, in the future, users listening to music through Spotify will be able to move from a Samsung phone to a Samsung TV to the Galaxy Home.

It is unclear if more music services will be natively included on the speaker beyond Spotify. Apple HomePod uses Apple Music exclusively, while Google Home Max and Sonos speakers support multiple music services directly.

Galaxy Home will, however, support “casting” music to the speaker which will help open it up to other music services — similar to the way HomePod works with AirPlay.

Bixby is Galaxy Home’s Built-In Virtual Assistant

Top of Galaxy Home
Top of Galaxy Home. Samsung.com 

Along with music, the other featured major component of Galaxy Home is its voice-controlled virtual assistant, Bixby. The Galaxy Home incorporates eight microphones to help Bixby with advanced listening and comprehension.

We know Bixby is capable of managing device settings, phone calls, texting, weather, reminders, and more of supported phones so it would make sense to see that same functionality appear on its speaker as well.

Samsung Galaxy Home Features At A Glance

  • Bixby virtual assistant
  • 8 microphones
  • Audio technology from AKG
  • 6 tweeters and 1 subwoofer
  • SmartThings smart home hub integration
  • Deep Spotify integration
  • Capacitive touch buttons
Galaxy Home as a SmartThings hub
Galaxy Home as a SmartThings hub. Samsung.com
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