What is Ring Fetch and How Does It Work?

Track your pup up to a mile away with a one-year battery

Dog wearing Ring Fetch

Ring Fetch is part of Amazon's Sidewalk protocol. The Ring Fetch is a small geofence tag you can hang from your puppy's collar that tracks its location. It has a theoretical range of up to one mile and battery life of over a year under the right conditions.

What is Ring Fetch?

Ring Fetch is sort of a tracking tag Amazon announced as a reference design for its new Amazon Sidewalk protocol. This device attaches to your dog's collar and allows you to set up a geofence that will notify you if your dog escapes.

The tracker works at a theoretical range of up to 500 meters with a single Sidewalk-enabled base station. In an area with more Sidewalk devices, the range gets considerably larger. Ring hopes the Sidewalk and its accompanying devices like Fetch will address typical concerns such as battery life and range.

How Does Ring Fetch Work?

Ring Fetch works similarly to other tracking tags, using the network of devices around it to establish its location. The difference here is Ring Fetch uses Amazon's Sidewalk protocol.

Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth protocol that uses the 900 mhz spectrum normally reserved for amateur radio users. The key benefit is Sidewalk has range far exceeding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while at the same time consuming minimal power.

During testing, Amazon distributed roughly 700 Sidewalk-enabled devices to Ring employees and their family and friends in southern California. Before long, Ring had a Sidewalk network covering most of the Los Angeles Basin. With Amazon's device popularity, it anticipates an extensive network which will allow you to, among other things, follow Fido throughout any freedom flights he might take.

Amazon Ring Fetch up close

Ring Fetch Product Specs

At Amazon's announcement, the Ring Fetch device took the form of a small plastic device with a carabiner style hook on it. That may change before it's officially released in 2020, but based on product imagery and descriptions the device should be small enough to fit on a dog's collar, though it's slightly larger than a typical dog tag. It will also be very lightweight.

Specifications are a little light at the moment, since this isn't an official product just yet. It will have a theoretical range of up to 500 meters when being tracked by a single base station. When working amidst a larger mesh network of Sidewalk enabled devices, that range can extend to up to one mile. 

Amazon has big plans for Sidewalk, including an ecosystem of outdoor devices, like gardening sensors, connected mailboxes, and more; all these devices would need to have a long battery life. The low power nature of the 900 mhz protocol should enable the Ring Fetch to have a battery life of at least one year although specifications will be formally released when the device goes on sale.

Where Can I Find Ring Fetch?

Amazon hasn't announced pricing or availability for the Ring Fetch yet. It should be available through Amazon and its retail affiliates upon its expected 2020 release.