What Is Postmates?

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Postmates is a food delivery service that employs numerous freelance drivers, often referred to as Postmates couriers, to deliver items to people's homes or places of work.

Orders can be made by users on the official Postmates website and via the Postmates apps on iOS and Android. A separate app, Postmates Fleet, is used by couriers for receiving and delivering orders.

What Does Postmates Deliver?

Postmates can be used to deliver groceries and convenience items in some areas, but the service is primarily used to order food from restaurants and cafes. The service as a whole is very similar to Uber Eats and functions in exactly the same way.

Many restaurants and cafes that are listed within the Postmates apps and on the Postmates website are often also available via other food delivery services like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash as well. If you use other services, it can be worth comparing prices before ordering as the delivery fees can differ depending on the amount of activity on each service at any one time.

How Do You Order From Postmates?

Postmates orders can be made via the iOS and Android Postmates app or on the official Postmates website. Each order method is completely identical to the other and neither one is better than the other.

The following instructions are based on using the smartphone app but these same steps can be used to order on the website.

  1. Open the Postmates app and log in if you're not already. Browse the app's categories and recommendations to find a business you want to order from. Tap on the business' featured image to begin ordering items from it.

    Making a food order on the PostMates iOS app.

    Use the search tool in the top-right corner to find a specific product or business name.

  2. From the business page, tap on items to view more information about them. If you're viewing food or drinks, you'll see information on how the items were prepared, their ingredients, plus customization options.

    Making a food order on the PostMates iOS app.

    Check the boxes next to your preferred customization options, add how many you want via the plus and minus buttons in the lower-left corner, and tap Add to add the items to your cart.

    After adding an item to your cart, you'll be returned to the business' main page. You can add more items or tap View Cart to begin the order checkout process.

  3. From your cart, double-check all of your items and their prices and tap Continue.

    If you haven't yet filled in all of the information for your Postmates profile, you'll be asked to do so before the order can be completed. You'll only need to add basic information such as your name and address to complete an order.

    Making a food order on the PostMates iOS app.

    If you have specific instructions for how to access your building or how you'd like your order delivered, type it in the Instructions field. When you're ready, tap Save.

  4. Next, you'll be shown one final summary of all of your order's information. Tap Review Order to confirm that everything is all correct and then tap Get It Now to place your order.

    Making a food order on the PostMates iOS app.

    Your order will now be sent and you'll get a phone notification informing you that it's been accepted and is now in the process of being fulfilled.

  5. The Postmates app will now show a map that will track your order's process and the real-time location of your courier. You should receive a phone notification when your driver is close.

    Making a food order on the PostMates iOS app.
  6. When your courier arrives at your location, you will receive a text message to the phone number you used when creating your account. Meet the courier at your front door and receive your order.

    Making a food order on the PostMates iOS app.
  7. After your Postmates courier has left, the app will ask you if you want to give them a tip. This is completely optional but the app also doesn't give you an option to avoid giving a tip altogether. To get rid of the tip prompt, simply quit the app.

What's Postmates Unlimited?

Postmates Unlimited is a premium subscription service that gives users completely free delivery on any order over $15 and zero fees during Blitz Pricing periods.

Membership for Postmates Unlimited costs around $7.99 a month and is generally considered to be worth it for those that use Postmates more than once a month.

What Is Postmates Blitz Pricing?

Postmates Blitz Pricing is the artificial increase of delivery fees for orders placed on the Postmates platform during a period of time when there are not enough drivers available to fulfill all of the orders in the system. It's similar to Uber's surge pricing, which increases the prices of rides during peak traffic conditions.

When Postmates Blitz Pricing is active and delivery prices have increased, a notification will appear within the Postmates apps and website to let you know.

The aim behind the Postmates Blitz Pricing strategy is to entice more drivers to work during busy periods with the promise of a higher delivery fee than usual.

Postmates Blitz Pricing isn't set to activate at specific times of the day or on specific days of the week. The entire feature is dynamic and activates at different levels in response to order volumes.

What Is the Postmates Dashboard?

When people talk about the Postmates dashboard, they're referring to the main screen used by couriers or drivers within the official Postmates Fleet app. This dashboard displays a map of the courier's zone, any announcements from Postmates and the associated businesses, dispatch information, and Blitz Pricing status.

The Postmates Fleet app is only needed for those wanting to work for Postmates as a courier. The everyday customer only needs to use the regular Postmates app or website.

What Is the Postmates Base Rate?

Postmates couriers don't really get a set base rate for working as a driver. Instead, their earnings are calculated on a variety of factors such as an item pick-up fee, a drop-off fee, how much time they spend waiting at a pick-up location, how far they travel to deliver an order, and whatever the current Blitz Rate bonus is (if any).

Postmates couriers are also eligible for tips. These are paid to the couriers on a voluntary basis by users from within the Postmates app after a delivery is made. The courier gets to keep 100% of tip earnings.

Why Doesn't the Postmates App Work in My Country?

The Postmates iOS and Android apps are available to download for free in a lot of countries, even those where the service is unavailable. No official reason has been given for this, however, the extra availability is likely a way to give people access to the Postmates service when they travel to a region where it's fully available.

For example, by making the Postmates app available to Australian users in their App Store, they can download it on their devices and use it when traveling to the United States for business or on holiday.

Postmates can deliver to any location, even one that isn't registered to your name. This means that it can be used to get food and other items delivered to your Airbnb apartment or hotel room while traveling.

Unfortunately, this strategy can backfire somewhat when people download the app and find that they're unable to use it in their own country. This can result in an increase in negative app store reviews and star ratings that don't necessarily reflect the quality of the app but rather the service's limited availability in a specific region.

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