What Does OOAK Mean?

OOAK indicates something is rare or special

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OOAK in an acronym for "one of a kind." It is a common internet acronym for saying "This thing is rare." OOAK is commonly used in listings for products someone is trying to sell online, but OOAK can also be used in daily conversation to describe people with unique qualities. When used in this manner, it usually includes a hint of admiration.

Meanings of OOAK

Use OOAK in an online posting for a product you are selling. Use it in conjunction with a characteristic of the product that is rare or especially desirable. The term indicates the item you are selling is outside the normal expectations for the product and has a feature that makes it especially interesting or valuable to potential buyers.

You can also use OOAK in written communications to refer to a person who has done something unexpected, achieved a high level of accomplishment or exhibited brave or daring behavior. The term usually implies admiration for the person to whom the term is applied, although OOAK is occasionally used sarcastically when someone has done something the speaker considers stupid or ill-conceived. 

OOAK Usage Examples

  • (User 1) If anyone is looking for a laptop, I'm selling my customized gaming machine for $2100.
  • (User 2) Why are you selling your laptop?
  • (User 1) I don't use it anymore since the baby arrived. It's a wicked machine with dual 2GB graphics cards. OOAK, really.
  • (User 2) Dual graphics cards? Yeah, that's OOAK. Can you email me the specs? I might be interested.

Another example of OOAK usage:

  • (User 1) Man, that Vishal guy is a piece of work! Did you hear what he just said to the boss?
  • (User 2) What?
  • (User 1) He just said "The only thing that exceeds your incompetence is your arrogance. How the hell did you get a job as a manager here?"
  • (User 2) Wow! Yeah, he's OOAK, that guy. I wish more people had that kind of courage.

When to Use OOAK

OOAK, like most internet acronyms, is acceptable for use in casual personal texts, emails, and messages between family and friends. However, avoid using internet acronyms in professional communications for the sake of clarity and professionalism.

The OOAK expression, like many cultural curiosities of the internet, has become a part of modern English communication. Although it usually occurs in writing, it may be heard occasionally in speech.