Neo QLED is an improved version of QLED TV panels

Neo QLED is a new type of QLED TV. Its full title is Neo Quantum Dot LED. It uses a quantum dot filter to increase the contrast and color vibrancy of the picture you're watching, with Neo being an enhanced version of a typical QLED panel. Here's everything else you need to know about Neo QLED screens.

What Is Neo QLED TV?

To understand what Neo QLED TV is, you need to understand QLED. That's because Neo QLED TV is an improvement on QLED.

QLED adds a layer of quantum dots to a TV's regular LED backlight. These dots, also known as nanocrystals, emit their own light once exposed to light, proving more efficient while also transforming to the desired color when watching something.

Essentially, you get a wider range of colors that also look purer and more vibrant. Additionally, the TV also looks far brighter than before.

Neo QLED TVs use this technology and build upon it by adding Mini LED technology. A Neo QLED backlight uses LEDs that are much smaller than a conventional LED screen so they can be placed in a smaller area. That leads to a higher density which, combined with a Mini LED backlight, leads to even better brightness. It also gives viewers superior black-level performance which is great for seeing dark scenes in movies or TV shows.

How Does Neo QLED Differ From QLED Technology?

Neo QLED is the superior form of QLED technology.

Besides offering a Mini LED backlight, you also get a Quantum Matrix layer. This controls the brightness of the LED and the Neo Quantum AI processor. The processor is able to use artificial intelligence to figure out what part of an image needs to be enhanced. It's particularly useful for upscaling purposes, so upscaling from standard definition to 8K picture is done with relatively few visual artifacts. 

Neo QLED also offers better viewing angles so colors and contrast can be maintained, even at wider angles. 

What Are the Advantages of Neo QLED?

The biggest advantage to Neo QLED is they offer a higher contrast ratio. That means you'll see blacks that are blacker without other colors looking less vibrant. A so-called halo effect is an issue for many LED TVs and this isn't the case with Neo QLED. 

Neo QLED TVs are often considered to be better for gaming than other panels too, as they can go much brighter. A Neo QLED display can often go up to 4,000 nits while an OLED panel only achieves around 600 nits.

What Are the Disadvantages of Neo QLED?

Neo QLED still isn't as good as an OLED panel in certain situations. Original OLED displays don't rely on any backlighting so they offer an infinite contrast ratio and true blacks, while the Neo QLED can only get close to this.

Initially, cost is a consideration. As the manufacturing matures the price will eventually come down, but, for now, QLED and typical 4K TVs are far more affordable.

  • When are NEO QLED TVs going to be released?

    NEO QLED TVs began hitting the market in early 2022 and are currently available directly from Samsung and other online retailers.

  • How much does a NEO QLED TV cost?

    The price of a NEO QLED TV will vary depending on the make, model, and size. Right now you'll find them for roughly between $1900 (55-inch) and $4300 (85-inch).

  • How do I clean a NEO QLED TV?

    It's recommended that you turn the TV off and let it cool down for a few minutes, then unplug it (or just unplug it if it's already been off for a little while). Gently wipe the frame and screen with a microfiber cloth until it looks clean. If you still see dirt or smudges, spray a small amount of distilled water onto the microfiber cloth and gently go over the frame and screen again.

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