What Is MySpace?

The pros and cons

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MySpace.com is a place where you can create a profile page that you can use to meet new friends. MySpace has a lot more to offer than that, though. Find out what you can do with MySpace.

MySpace Pros

  • Big Network: If you are looking to meet or find people MySpace is a good place to look. There are lots of people on MySpace so finding people there is easy.
  • Multimedia: MySpace has music and videos you can add to your site for free.
  • Advanced Editing: Add all sorts of things to your MySpace profile. Since you can use HTML and JavaScript in your MySpace editor you are open to adding almost anything.
  • Keep In Touch: With email, blogs, IM, forums, bulletins and groups you can keep in touch with all your MySpace friends.

MySpace Cons

  • Editor Mishaps: Find templates online for MySpace,and add the code to your profile. Or create your own unique profile page directly from MySpace itself. The MySpace blog offers ways to change the colors, backgrounds and other things but you need to know the codes to enter to do it.
  • Anyone Can Contact You: There is a privacy setting for your MySpace profile but that means no one can see your profile. MySpace offers no way to allow people to see your profile but still keep them from emailing your and trying to add you to their own MySpace friend list. You may get a lot of people trying to add you to their MySpace friend list and if you don't want just anyone sending you messages then this can become a big bother.
  • Options Are Hard To Find: There are many things you can do on your MySpace profile that are not obvious. Creating a MySpace slideshow is one of those things. Adding HTML templates is another. Adding other HTML or JavaScripts is yet another. As you browse MySpace you will see some pretty amazing things on some of the MySpace profiles you come across and you may wonder how they are done because MySpace doesn't tell you.


    MySpace is a free social networking site.

    Parents Permission Policy

    MySpace users must be 14 or older. If a user under 14 pretends to be older or if a user over 18 pretends to be a minor their account will be deleted.

    From MySpace's Safety Tips page:

    • "If you are under 14 and pretend to be older, customer service will delete your profile. If you are over 18 and pretend to be a teenager to contact underage users, customer service will delete your profile."
    • "We take extra precautions to protect our younger members and we are not able to do so if they do not identify themselves as such. MySpace will delete users whom we find to be younger than 14, or those misrepresenting their age."

    Profile Page

    MySpace provides you with a profile page that allows you to add a profile picture of you and other photos too. Add graphics and avatars to your profile to make it more fun and more personal too. You can change the whole look of the profile page by using templates.

    Your MySpace profile tells  people about you. You can fill in the blanks and tell as much or as little about you as you want to. From your MySpace profile people can find out who your MySpace friends are, send you messages, see pictures you've posted and lots more. Put a slideshow, favorite music and even video on your MySpace profile if you want.


    There is no photo album on MySpace. You can post some photos on your profile though and even create a slideshow so people can see your photos. Photos can be added to the main body of your MySpace profile too.


    There is a blog on MySpace. The MySpace blog is a great place to tell your profile's readers about you and your life. Photos can be posted on your blog and the blog can be customized to look the way you want it to look.

    Advanced Design

    The blog has a tool that you can use to edit the colors, backgrounds, borders and just about anything else. The profile has an editor that allows you to enter HTML and Javascript if you want to. You can use this editor to change the whole layout of your profile, colors and all.

    Finding Friends

    You can find both old friends and make new friends on MySpace pretty easily. 

    Old Friends

    You can search for friends by school if you want to find old classmates. You can also search by age, location and gender if you are looking for something else. I found a couple old friends while I was writing this.

    New Friends

    There are many ways for you to meet new people on MySpace as well. You can join groups, forums and send messages.

    Connect to Friends

    Once you find someone you want to connect with you can send them an email right through MySpace.


    There are forums you can join in on many topics. Sit and chat with people that have the same interests as you.


    There are groups that you can join to meet new friends. Join a group about something you like. Let's say you are interested in meeting people that enjoy hot rod cars. Join a group that includes people that also like hot rod cars.

    Chat room 

    I don't see any chat rooms on MySpace so you would have to use the instant messaging email or the forums to communicate.

    Live Chat (Instant Messaging)

    MySpace does offer instant messaging for their users. If you want to IM someone just go to their profile page and click on the link that says "Instant Message."


    You can subscribe to other people's MySpace blogs. Then you can read the blogs you've subscribed to from your own blog page.

    Friends Lists

    Add all the friends you want to your friends list. Then you can keep in touch with them easier.

    Comments On Blogs And Profiles

    Post comments on people's blog entries. Comments can be set up to be approved by the owner of the blog. I don't believe there is a way to post comments on the profile itself though.

    Video Downloads

    Add videos to your MySpace profile from their large list of videos that other members have uploaded.

    Video Uploads

    In the video section you can upload your own videos to be included in MySpace videos or just to use on your own MySpace profile. No porn. If you upload porn your account will be deleted. In their "Film" section you can submit your own movies.

    Are There Graphics and Templates Available?

    I could not find where MySpace offers templates or graphics but there are sites on the Net that do offer templates, graphics and avatars that you can add to your MySpace profile.


    Find the music you like and put it right on your MySpace profile, free. You can search for music or you can browse by genre. Then you can add music to your MySpace profile.

    Email Accounts

    MySpace has its own onsite email program that you can use to send messages to other MySpace users and they can send messages to you.


    You can link to profiles of celebrities. Some of them have samples of their work on their profiles that you can link to from your profile. There is also a classifieds section and a calendar on your profile.

    Way back in 2003 MySpace began. Created by a small group of programmers who already had an Internet company, MySpace has grown by leaps and bounds. MySpace soon became one of the largest online companies. It was all due to the dream of a few people who were members of Friendster and already had everything they needed to get started and create MySpace.

    What Did Friendster Have To Do With It?

    When Friendster launched in 2002 some people from eUniverse signed up and immediately saw the enormous potential a site like Friendster could have. Brad Greenspan, Chris DeWolfe, Josh Berman, Toan Nguyen and Tom Anderson got together with a team of programmers and decided to create their own site using the most popular features from Friendster.

    Everything They Needed

    By August 2003 MySpace was launched. They already had everything they needed to create a website as big as MySpace. The finances, people, bandwidth and servers were already in place.

    eUniverse employees were the first to create MySpace accounts. Then they would try to see who could get the most people to sign up with them. Using eUniverse's already created company they were able to sign people up very quickly.

    The Domain Name

    The domain name MySpace.com was originally used as a data storage site until MySpace was created. It was owned by YourZ.com and made the transition to MySpace in 2004.

    Chris DeWolfe wanted to charge people to become members of MySpace, but Brad Greenspan knew that in order to create a successful online community, it had to be free.

    Who Owns MySpace?

    Some employees of MySpace were able to acquire equity in the company. Soon after that MySpace was bought out by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp in July 2005. The company's name was then changed to Intermix Media. News Corp is owned by Fox Broadcasting.

    Later, in 2006, Fox launched a UK version of MySpace. This was a successful attempt at adding the UK music scene to MySpace. Later they also released MySpace in China. They're working on adding MySpace to other countries too.

    Widgets and Channels

    Google is signed on as MySpace's search provider and advertiser. Slide.com, RockYou! and YouTube also help MySpace add functionality for it's users. Many other websites on the Net create templates and other accessories that MySpace users can use to design their MySpace profiles.

    MySpace has also added many different channels and widgets to their site. There are things on MySpace such as MySpace IM, MySpace Music, MySpace Music, MySpaceTV, MySpace Mobile, MySpace News, MySpace Classifieds, MySpace Karaoke, and more.

    Where Are They Now?

    Currently MySpace lives in California. They're in the same building as their owner, Fox Interactive Media (which is owned by News Corp). MySpace only has about 300 people on staff. They gain over 200,000 new users every day and have well over 100 million users worldwide.