Which Version of Microsoft Office Are You Using Right Now?

Find the information you need to keep Office running smoothly

To aid troubleshooting and upgrading, identify your current version of Microsoft Office as well as related details, such as which bit version you run (32-bit or 64-bit) or the latest service pack that's been applied to your installation. In addition, some optional plug-ins and templates only work with specific versions of the component Office programs.

This procedure applies to the programs within Microsoft Office 2019, 2016, and Microsoft 365. It does not apply to Word Online, which is not end-user upgradeable.

How to Find Your Microsoft Office Version

word version

From the menu, select File > Account and then the About link. Each program's About link uses different language (e.g., About Word).

In Office 2013 and older versions, Microsoft pushed periodic service packs for Office products. Modern Office, however, receives incremental upgrades, just like Windows 10, through the Windows Update utility. As such, there's no value in trying to decode the specific application version level to look for a service-pack identifier if you're running, e.g., Office 2019 or Microsoft 365.

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