What Is 'MTFBWY'? What Does MTFBWY Mean?

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"MTFBWY" is the slang acronym for "May the Force Be With You". It is a colloquial way of saying "good luck/take care" when someone leaves an online chat conversation.

This expression is seeing a tremendous resurgence in popularity, as the new Star Wars movie of JJ Abrams releases in late 2015.

"MTFBWY" is often spelled all uppercase, but can be also spelled "mtfbwy". All versions mean the same thing. Just be careful not to type entire sentences in uppercase, as that is considered rude shouting.

Examples of MTFBWY UsageĀ 

  • (first user:) OK, peeps. I'm off to break the news to wifey. I hope she doesn't kick me in the nuts over the dent in the car.
  • (second user:) good luck man!
  • (third user:) MTFBWY!

Examples of MTFBWY Photos

The MTFBWY expression, like many cultural curiosities of the Internet, is a part of modern English communication.

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