What Is Mobcrush?

Mobcrush is a streaming tool that targets all of your followers

Mobcrush is a free service for broadcasting to multiple streaming platforms simultaneously. Due to its ability to reach numerous audiences across various services at the same time, Mobcrush streams have the potential to reach over 160 million viewers, an estimated 75 percent of the U.S. gaming audience.

How Does Mobcrush Work?

Mobcrush connects to numerous social and streaming platforms and allows a single user to broadcast to all of them simultaneously. Chatrooms and comment sections from all of the connected accounts are merged during a live stream and can be managed from within the official Mobcrush apps.

The service is completely free for anyone to use. New users can sign into Mobcrush by using their existing Facebook, Google, Twitch, Twitter, or Mixer accounts or by creating a new Mobcrush account manually on the official website or apps.

Which Streaming Services Can Mobcrush Connect To?

Mobcrush livestreams can broadcast to the following social and streaming platforms:

When streaming to Facebook, specific Facebook pages can be selected in addition to a user's profile.

All broadcasts will also appear on the user's main channel on the Mobcrush website and apps.

Which Video Games Can I Stream On Mobcrush?

Mobcrush allows for the streaming of mobile, console, and PC video games in addition to non-video game-related content such as vlogging and podcasts.

The Mobcrush smartphone apps have the ability to stream mobile gameplay built in while those using streaming software such as OBS Studio on a PC or Mac can broadcast all game types.

Where Can I Download Mobcrush Apps?

Mobcrush has official apps for iOS and Android smart devices. The iOS Mobcrush app supports iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads running iOS 9.0 and up while the Mobcrush Android app supports smartphones and tablets using Android 5.0 and up.

It's recommended that Windows and Mac users stream to Mobcrush via a streaming program like OBS Studio. The process is very similar to how one streams to Twitch with OBS Studio.

There was an official Mobcrush app for macOS but this has been discontinued.

How Do Streamers Make Money On Mobcrush?

Mobcrush manages its own advertising program called Go Live Get Paid which matches advertisers and specific marketing campaigns with streamers.

Streamers can view active campaigns within their Mobcrush dashboard and apply to turn one of their regular streams into a sponsored stream. A sponsored stream can involve actual video or image advertisements that play during the broadcast or a promotional script that must be read by the streamer.

The amount paid out for each sponsored stream varies depending on the total number of followers the streamer has across all of their linked accounts. The bigger a social following, the more money advertisers will be willing to pay per promotion.

In addition to Mobcrush's own monetization program, those streaming on the platform can also earn money by using third-party options such as Patreon, for receiving monthly payments from viewers, or payment services like PayPal and Venmo for one-off donations.

Mobcrush's Go Live Get Paid program is only available to U.S. streamers so international broadcasters will need to use alternative options for earning money with their streams.

Asking for donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is another way to get paid on Mobcrush as is selling unique merchandise or selling products through affiliate links. Many techniques used by Twitch streamers for making money are also used by those on Mobcrush.

Can I Use Mobcrush With Twitch?

Mobcrush does support integration with the popular Twitch video game streaming service, however, it should be noted that Twitch requires all of their Twitch Partners and Affiliates to remain exclusive to their platform. Essentially, if you're a Twitch Partner or Affiliate you can't use Mobcrush to simultaneously stream to rival live game services like Mixer and YouTube.

Twitch streamers who have yet to become a Partner or Affiliate can stream to Twitch and other platforms at the same time with no consequences. Those wishing to go pro with their streaming will eventually need to decide if they want to stream to all of their platforms with Mobcrush or work towards Twitch Partnership and all of the benefits that program offers.

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