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mail2web provides secure and anonymous access to your POP or IMAP account from any web browser or hand-held device. Unfortunately, mail2web lacks some convenience functions.

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  • mail2web provides access to mail in POP and IMAP accounts
  • Privacy-conscious, mail2web lets you read mail securely anywhere
  • mail2web supports many languages


  • mail2web lacks support for secure messaging
  • You cannot create IMAP folders, and mail2web offers no filters
  • mail2web's lack of From: customization can be a problem


  • mail2web lets you access POP or IMAP accounts through a web-based interface.
  • Smart log-in makes logging on easy with a good guess for your POP server address.
  • mail2web does not store access data, keep records or set cookies and shows plain text by default.
  • Optional mail2web registration offers an address book and easy access to multiple accounts.
  • mail2web supports secure TLS/SSL connections and APOP authentication.
  • You can send new messages and replies directly in mail2web.
  • mail2web is accessible from web-enabled PDAs and via WAP.
  • Automatically synchronizes POP account when you delete a message in mail2web.

Guide Review - mail2web - Web Access to POP and IMAP Email Service

If you want to access your email while you are away from your computer (and your default email program), mail2web provides a secure and anonymous way to read and send mail.

mail2web supports both POP and IMAP accounts, and a number of features make it a safe experience: mail2web doesn't store your access information, supports secure TLS/SSL connections and even prefers plain text messages to their HTML counterparts (which it supports, of course).

If you register, you get easier access to multiple accounts and can keep a simple address book in mail2web.

Unfortunately, mail2web doesn't offer any filtering, and you can't create folders in IMAP accounts. The anti-spam measure of preventing From: address customization can be a problem, too.

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