Add Karaoke-Style Lyrics to Your Music Collection With LRC Format

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You may have already added lyrics to your songs by using an MP3 tagging tool or a software media player that has a built-in metadata editor such as iTunes. However, these methods display all the lyrics in one go. If you would rather see the words displayed on-screen in karaoke style, then you'll need to use separate files that are in the LRC format.

LRC Karaoke Style Format

LRC is a special format that not only contains the lyrics for a song but also has timing information to correctly synchronize the words with the playing music or singing. Files ending in .LRC normally have the same name as your song and consist of a few text lines of alphanumerical information. Using LRC files isn't limited to jukebox software—most portable devices these days such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, other MP3 players, and PMPs support the LRC format so you can sing along in karaoke style while on the move.

LRC Plugins

You can download LRC files for some songs, but a more practical approach uses a plugin such as the free MiniLyrics application for your software media player. This plugin for iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and other music players, displays scrolling lyrics that you can follow along with the artist. Download and save the lyrics in your song files and view the lyrics on your Android or iOS mobile device.

A similar plugin, Lyrics, also synchronize lyrics with an audio file. It is available as a free download for Windows Media Player, Winamp, and iTunes. With Lyrics, you can add your own lyrics if the database doesn't contain them.

LRC Format Types

Check to see which format your music player takes.

  • Simple LRC format, which displays a whole line at a time, rather than one word at a time
  • Simple LRC format extended, which gives the user the ability to change the gender in the lyrics
  • Enhanced LRC format, which displays lyrics one word at a time when applicable in the music.