What Is 'Lolcats'?

A pet lover's joke gone viral is now a worldwide meme

Grey lop-eared kitten
Andrew Maidanik Photography / Getty Images

You will hear the expression 'lolcats' in your daily email life, or even hear it at the office. But what exactly is this popular Internet meme?

Lolcats, also known as "IcanHazCheezburger," is a pet lover's joke hobby that has grown into a worldwide cultural phenomenon (aka a "meme" with viral popularity). Purposely using bad grammar and poor spelling, lolcats meme-makers take candid photos of cats and kittens and then attach preposterous captions. The captions themselves give the cats human traits, thoughts, and feelings. But the funny part is that the captions themselves are absurd jabs at human quirks and culture.
Reading the cheezburger pages, and the many competing similar websites will make you laugh at the idea of cats as hackers, evil villains, crime scene analysts, daycare workers, and disgruntled teenagers.
If you are like most readers, you will guffaw at the sheer absurdity of these photographs. You can even submit your photos and captions if you feel creative. Lolcats are preposterous, fantastical, and absolutely irresistible.