What Is 'Lolcats'?

A pet lover's joke gone viral is now a worldwide meme

Cat sitting on a plate

Peter Curb / Flickr

You might hear the expression "lolcats" in an email or on social media, but what does it mean?

Lolcats stands for:

The LOL in Lolcats stands for laughing out loud. The cats in Lolcats stands for funny felines.

How Lolcats is Used

Lolcats, also known as "icanhascheezburger?" is a pet lover's joke hobby that has grown into a worldwide cultural phenomenon (aka a "meme" with viral popularity).

Lolcats meme-makers take candid photos of cats and kittens and then attach preposterous captions that purposely contain bad grammar and poor spelling. The captions themselves give the cats human traits, thoughts, and feelings. But the funny part is that the captions themselves are absurd jabs at human quirks and culture.

Examples of Lolcats in Use

Example 1

lolcat meme in ur foldur
 Clancy Ratliff / Wikimedia Commons

In this example, a cat inside a file folder says, "I'm in your folder corrupting your files" in typical Lolcat speak.

Example 2

lolcat in your lights
 Bradley P Johnson / Flickr

In the second example, the cat is saying, "Oh hi! I is in your lights."

Example 3

Lolcats force field
Tricia Goss

In the third example, a cat is watching a bird through a window and hurriedly demands, "The forcefield! Disable it!"

Reading the Cheezburger pages as well as similar websites will make you laugh at the idea of cats as hackers, evil villains, crime scene analysts, daycare workers, and disgruntled teenagers.

If you feel creative, submit your photos and captions. Lolcats are preposterous, fantastical, and absolutely irresistible. Of course, they are highly shareable on social media, as well.