Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge: What It Is and How to Use It

Your kids will have more fun browsing the web safely

What to Know

  • Open Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge by selecting your profile image and enabling Browse in Kids Mode.
  • Set up the age setting for your child in the initial wizard, or configure it in the Family section of your Edge profile settings.
  • Add or remove allowed websites in the Family section of your Edge profile settings.

If you have kids and want them to use the internet safely on your computer, Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge can help. In this article, you'll learn what Kids Mode is and how to use it.

What Is Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge?

When you turn on Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge, Edge will enable a content filter limiting which sites your child can visit. Kids Mode comes pre-installed with some child-friendly sites, and you can edit this list at any time as a parent.

Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge also fills the entire screen, so your child won't be distracted by your desktop or tempted to click on your taskbar and open other applications. Some other features of Kids Mode include:

Kids Mode is ideal to use if your child is between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. You'll have the option to configure Kids Mode between two age ranges, and you can modify this setting at any time.

How Do I Turn on Kids Mode on Edge?

Enabling Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge is as simple as selecting your profile and enabling it. There is a short setup wizard you'll need to walk through first.

  1. The Kids Mode feature is only available after Microsoft Edge version 90. Make sure you have the latest version by opening Edge and visiting edge://settings/help. The browser will automatically update to the newest version.

    Microsoft Edge with up to date message highlighted
  2. To open Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge, select your profile image and select Browse in Kids Mode.

    Edge profile selected with Browse in Kids Mode highlighted
  3. In the Welcome pop-up window, select Get Started.

    Edge Kids Mode welcome pop-up with Get Started highlighted
  4. Choose the age group for your child. Options here are either 5-8 years or 9-12 years.

    Edge Kids Mode setup with age range options highlighted
  5. When you're done, Edge will open in full-screen kids mode. You'll notice the Windows taskbar, the browser's tab, and the URL section at the top disappear.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge Kids Mode active

    Remember that Microsoft Edge Kids Mode does not disable the URL field or tabs. Nor does it block computer access. They can still move the cursor to the top of the screen to access the URL field and tabs. And selecting Exit Kids Mode window from the profile menu will make the Windows taskbar appear, and it is still functional. The taskbar is visible after doing this only if you provide the password for the user account. You should still set up parental controls on your computer.

  6. Your child can select the Colors and background button to change the theme and background for Microsoft Edge kids mode.

    Edge Kids Mode colors and background button highlighted
  7. At any point, if your child attempts to visit a site that's not on the allowed sites list, they will see an error screen. The error screen will enable them to select Get permission to ask you if they can access that website.

    Edge kids mode error screen with Get Permission highlighted

How to Allow or Disallow Sites for Kids Mode

You can edit the list of sites your child is allowed to visit. However, you'll need to do this when logged into your account and Edge is not in Kids Mode.

  1. Select your profile image, and select Manage profile settings from the menu.

    Edge Kids Mode with account selected and Manage Profile Settings highlighted
  2. On the Settings page, select Family from the left navigation pane. Then choose Manage allowed sites in Kids Mode from the right pane.

    Manage allowed sites in kids mode highlighted in Edge Kids Mode settings
  3. It will display a list of allowed websites. To allow a new one, select Add website.

    Edge Kids Mode settings with Add Website highlighted
  4. Type the URL of the website, and select Add.

    Edge Kids Mode settings with Add highlighted in the add a website process

How Do I Take My Computer off Kids Mode?

Your child will not be able to leave Microsoft Edge Kids Mode without your permission. You'll need to enter your computer password or PIN to do this.

  1. Move the cursor to the top of the screen to make the URL bar visible and select Kids Mode.

    Edge in Kids Mode with Kids Mode selected
  2. Select Exit Kids Mode window.

    Edge Kids Mode with Exit Kids Mode window highlighted
  3. Enter your computer password or PIN and Microsoft Edge will revert back to regular mode again.

    Exiting Edge Kids Mode with PIN input screen highlighted
  • How do I put parental controls on an iPhone?

    To use parental controls on your child's iPhone or another iOS device, go to Settings and tap Screen Time. Tap Downtime to schedule time away from the screen. Tap App Limits to set time limits for apps. Set Communication Limits to allow only certain contacts. Tap Content and Privacy Restrictions and toggle it on, and then tap Content Restrictions to allow or refuse permissions for various categories.

  • How do I use YouTube's parental controls?

    To use YouTube's parental controls, navigate to the YouTube account profile image, select Restricted Mode, and then toggle it on. In the YouTube app, tap the profile image > Settings > General and toggle on Restricted Mode. Restricted Mode is meant to limit content of an explicit nature. YouTube makes no guarantees that the feature is 100 percent effective.

  • How do I use Safari parental controls?

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