What Was isoHunt?

isoHunt details and alternatives

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The original isoHunt service, located at isohunt.com, was self-described as "the most advanced BitTorrent search engine." It was used to locate and download torrent files.

isoHunt was created by Gary Fung in 2003, and while the website name is derived from ISO image, the website included other content, too, like pictures, movies, books, comics, etc.

After copyright issues and a settlement in October 2013, the website was shut down. Shortly after, isoHunt "mirrors" was erected, but keep reading to learn why you shouldn't use them.

Below are details on what the isoHunt file-sharing site was like before it was discontinued, information on why isoHunt was shut down, and alternative websites that you can use to search for and download torrents.

Why isoHunt.com Was Shut Down

isoHunt permanently shut down message

If you accessing isoHunt.com, you'll be taken to MPAA.org, specifically to a page about copyright. This is because isoHunt was ordered to be shut down by the US government after legal action from the MPAA. It quit working on October 21.

It's no surprise that isoHunt was used to download infringing content. Much of its collection was new movies and copyrighted software, both of which are illegal to share in the United States and most likely other countries, too.

2013 wasn't the first time isoHunt was attacked for facilitating illegal downloads. The MPAA took legal action against isoHunt in 2006, too. In 2008, Gary Fung sued CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association) on the basis that isoHunt was just a regular search engine like any other.

What You Could Download From isoHunt

isoHunt.com offered lots of torrent content. Like any good torrent file search engine, you could use it to find all kinds of files.

There were movies, videos, TV shows, music videos, games, apps, software, pictures, anime, comics, books, and other files listed in Miscellaneous and Unclassified areas of the site.

You could also find public domain torrents on isoHunt and look for just the torrents marked under Creative Commons.

The isoHunt downloads could be filtered to show only the torrents that were added within the last 6 months, 30 days, week, or one day. You could also sort the torrents by age and view comments left by other users.

When you found the torrent you wanted, all you had to do was hit the Download button to grab the .TORRENT file and start downloading it through your favorite torrent client.

The Wayback Machine has one of the last snapshots of isoHunt.com before it was taken down. You can see what the website was like as of October 17, 2013.

isoHunt Alternatives

There are several websites like isoHunt where you can download music, books, movies, and more. See our list of the top torrent sites for some examples.

Please remember that nearly all other torrent site are basically just like isoHunt in terms of legality. We don't recommend using them to download files because it's far too easy to get something with malware included in it or to accidentally breach a copyright.

What Is isoHunts.to?

Not long after the demise of isoHunt.com did we see mirrors pop up in an attempt to save the site from permanent closure. Some examples included isoHunt.to (which now redirects to The Pirate Bay) and isoHunt.ee.

Unfortunately, there are fake copies, too, isoHunts.to (with an "s") being one example.

isoHunts.to website

The website looks a lot like isoHunt.com used to, and even shows categories for music, software, movies, books, etc. However, if you select any torrent on the website, you'll be taken to a page asking you to download their special torrent client.

A regular torrent client is used to download torrents from any website. In other words, any good torrent site won't make you download their own special client to get the torrent files. So, that should be your first clue that isoHunts.to is fake.

Another hint is that you're taken to an external website, Usenet.nl, to "test" the program. This is entirely unnecessary because there are lots of free torrent programs that work with all magnet links and torrent files.

In summary, don't download the client from isoHunts.to and don't use the website at all.