What Is HTC Sense?

HTC's alternative Android UI

If you're using an HTC smartphone for the first time or have recently upgraded to a new model, you may wonder what HTC Sense is. HTC Sense is a customized user interface for HTC smartphones. It has several features unique to HTC, such as Blinkfeed, Edge Launcher, and Sense Input Keyboard, among others.

Here we'll look more closely at some of these features.


With a quick swipe to the left, you'll discover a cool feature called Blinkfeed—a one-stop shop for news and social networks. Here, you'll receive status updates, videos, and news based on your interests.


Blinkfeed can also integrate with other third-party apps, like Foursquare and Fitbit, to add more functionality. Need restaurant recommendations? Blinkfeed can do that, too.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Suppose you're watching a video on YouTube and maneuver to another app on the phone. In that case, Picture-in-Picture mode shrinks the video you're watching, so you can do other things on your phone without interrupting the video. A nice feature of this mode allows you to move the video anywhere on the screen, so it's not blocking whatever you're trying to use.

Edge Launcher

With the release of the U12+, the Edge Launcher allows you to squeeze your phone to trigger the convenient menu launcher. The menu, which appears on the side of the phone, can be configured to have your most-used apps or a customized list of apps in either a half circle layout or the typical rectangular layout.

HTC Themes

You can customize the look of your phone with the improved Themes feature.


You can individually choose a wallpaper, icons, and fonts to suit your tastes. There's also a way to turn off the grid so you can place shortcuts anywhere on the smartphone screen.

Sense Input Keyboard

Back in 2015, HTC released 871 colorful emojis to use on their smartphones. Since then, they've scaled back their once famous emoji keyboard to 76 unique emojis.

Sense input

HTC Sense now uses most of the Google emoji keyboard, removing some of the bloat on the old HTC Sense. However, the Sense Input Keyboard is now customizable, with many new UI looks and colors.

Sense Home

HTC has a handy feature that allows you to set up shortcuts for apps you frequently use, depending on your location. Whether you're at home, at the office, or somewhere else, you can have a unique set of shortcuts that are tailor-made to your locational needs.

Face Unlock

Like Samsung, HTC has their own unlocking feature, which uses facial recognition. Using the front-facing camera, Face Unlock scans your features and automatically unlocks your phone if it recognizes you. It also has a low light recognition setup to reduce the number of failed scans in dimly lit conditions.


We all use our phones regularly, and most of us notice poor performance or watch as the battery quickly drains.


Boost+ allows you to fine-tune your phone's performance, clean up files, manage apps, and improve battery consumption.

Improved Camera Features

HTC had a quality camera before the recent release. The new interface includes more adjustments for fine-tuning your image, much like you would with a traditional camera. Plus, it has several handy plug-ins like Panorama, Bokeh, a Photo Booth add-on, and Split Capture, which simultaneously uses both front and back cameras.


HTC BoomSound simulates the Dolby surround sound we've come to love while watching movies, listening to music, and playing games. It recreates the 5.1 effects for audio and headphone modes so that you can enjoy your videos and other media streams.

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