What Is Google Voice Lite?

What can you do with Google Voice Lite?

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Google Voice Lite is a version of Google Voice without the Google number and some features. It does not ring multiple phones and can more appropriately be described as a rich voicemail service.

What Is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a service that gives you a phone number called a Google number (which can also be a number you have ported from another service provider so you do not have to change number) which rings multiple phones of your choice upon receiving an incoming call. Through this number, you can have unlimited free local calls to any number in the U.S. and Canada and a handful of other features. 

What Is Google Voice Lite?

Google Voice Lite allows you to use your existing number, but add some features to it. They are basically voicemail and international calling, both of which are explained in more details below. What you will not get with the Lite version, compared to the full Google Voice version, are the following: 

  • A phone number (Google number) that will ring multiple phones
  • Call forwarding 
  • Call recording 
  • SMS texting, which is normally free with the full version of Google Voice
  • Conference calling, which involves calls with more than two participants 
  • Call blocking, a feature that blacklists and blocks unwanted callers

But you can enjoy the following:


Google Voice has a great voicemail service, which is free. A service of this quality is normally expensive. 

When you do not take an incoming call, it goes to voicemail. You will normally have an email address linked to your Google Voice Lite account. When a voicemail is received, you are notified through email, with a transcript of the message in your inbox. You can disable this setting and choose not to receive any notification but will be missing out a lot. 

Voicemail transcription is the technology that listens to your correspondents' words and reproduces them in writing. This is sent to you through notifications. 

With Google Voice Lite, the voicemail is visual, as you will not be able to check the voicemail messages by calling the Google number. With the lite version, you will only be able to check your voicemail after you log in your Google Voice account. Alternatively, you can listen to the messages once they are dispatched to your email inbox. 

In the voicemail menu, you have a lot of options to manipulate the messages. You can add notes to them, reply to them, and share them at the same time. With a visual interface, it is better to manage voicemail. 

International Calls

Google Voice Lite allows you to make cheap VoIP calls to people worldwide. You need to buy credit into your account and use it to call, you is done with any VoIP service. Make sure you check the rates of the calls to your destination before calling, so you know how much you are paying per minute. 

Why Choose Google Voice Lite?

The full Google Voice service is free, but some people choose Lite because they don’t want to change their phone number but still benefit from the interesting features. The voicemail service has great value and the international calling allows you to save a lot of money on international calls. 

To sign up for Google Voice Lite, first, make sure you are in the US as the service is not available to people abroad. Then get yourself a Google account (who doesn't have one?). Then register on the Google Voice page