What Is Google Travel?

Learn how Google travel tools save you big money when you travel

Save with Google Travel

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If you want to find deals on flights and hotels, discover details about your destination, and organize your holiday details in one place, Google travel tools are what you need. Learn about Google Travel Guide, Google Flights, and Google Hotel booking as well as tips on getting the most out of them.

Google Flights

You can use this Google Flights to find lower fares and book your airline flights online. When you begin, you will see several search options, including the following:

  • Round trip, one way, or multi-city
  • Number of passengers, including adults, children, infants, and infants on laps
  • Economy, premium economy, business, or first class
  • Origin, destination, and travel dates
Google Flights

If you perform a search, you will receive the best departing flights (and the best return flights, if you selected round trip). But look a little closer and you will see even more helpful options.

For example, Google Flights might inform you that if you flew a few days earlier or later, you could save even more.

Click Price Graph to explore price trends for similar trips.

Google Flights Price Graph

In addition, you can compare nearby airport prices and view tips, such as savings when you book a flight and hotel together, recommendations for best times to book, upgrades available, and more.

Return to the main page of Google Flights, and you will find other gems. For example, check out suggested trips from your current location. Or click Explore Destinations for a map with prices of flights from your location.

Explore destinations on Google Flights

Only flights from carriers who partner with Google will appear. For instance, Southwest Airlines is not affiliated with Google Flights, so no Southwest flights will appear in your search.

Google Hotel Search

In a similar vein, Google Hotel Search lets you search, compare, and book lodging online. The Google Hotel Search site is simple to use, and much like Google Flights, it returns results that can be parsed in various ways to let you decide when and where are the best hotels to suit your needs.

In your search results, you will see the Google Hotels results box.

Google hotels search

Here, you have the option to enter check-in and check-out dates. This will help you find prices and availabilities based on your needs.

Next, you can check out the filters at the top of the box. These include:

  • Top choices, based on your search, prices, and quality.
  • Guest favorites (rated 4.0 or better).
  • Budget options, with the lowest priced hotels.
  • Luxury stays, which features 4- and 5-star lodging.
  • For tonight, which shows rooms available now.

You can click the button at the bottom to view all hotels in the area, or click on one of the filters to open a new window with lodging that meets your criteria. Next, you can further narrow results by entering the number of guests, using the price slider, and choosing guest ratings or amenities.

Other filters include hotel class and deals.

Hotel search on Google

Google Travel Guide

Travel guides are available for certain destinations when searched on Google. Type the name of a city or country into Google search and look for the travel guide icon.

Travel guide icon in Google

At first glance, the travel guide provides a handful of top attractions in the area. However, if you click on the Travel Guide link, a new window opens with even more tips and details.

Along with an eclectic collection of photos, you will find information and history on the area, things to do, trip planning assistance, the best times to visit, and other nearby places to explore.

Google Travel Planner

Google Trips App

This travel planner app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can use while planning your next vacation or even while you are on holiday.

Use the Top Spots feature to plan places to go near your destination. Alternatively, find a museum or restaurant steps from your hotel while you enjoying your visit.

Organize travel details in the Google Trips app

Keep all of your information in one place using the app. It will help you manage details such as the following.

  • Itinerary
  • Reservations
  • Confirmation numbers
  • Hotels, restaurants and other locations you save

The app is available offline, as well.

Google also has a Travel Help website that provides additional information on how to use the available Google Travel tools. You can find it at Google Travel Help.

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