What Is Google Me?

Is it a social network or not?

Google logo reflected in an eyeball

Leon Neal / Getty Images 

Once upon a time, Google Me was rumored to be a social network designed by Google as a potential Facebook competitor. Before then, Google launched social products like Google Wave and Google Buzz, which have since been discontinued.

The rumors of a social network called Google Me never became a reality. Instead, Google Plus was launched in 2011, which never quite overtook Facebook and was shut down in 2018.

Is There a 'Google Me' Google Product?

At this time, there is no Google product called Google Me. As of January 2018, these are all the current products offered by Google:

  • Android Auto
  • Android Messenger
  • Android OS
  • Android One
  • Android Pay
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Wear OS (formerly Android Wear)
  • Calendar
  • Cardboard
  • Chrome
  • Chrome Web Store
  • Chromebook
  • Chromecast
  • Contacts
  • DayDream View
  • Docs
  • Drive
  • Earth
  • Finance
  • Forms
  • Gboard
  • Gmail
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Allo
  • Google Camera
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Cast
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Google Duo
  • Google Expeditions
  • Google Express
  • Google Fit
  • Google Flights
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Groups
  • Google Home
  • Google Play
  • Google Play Apps
  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Newsstand
  • Google Store
  • Google Wifi
  • Google for Education
  • Google+
  • Hangouts
  • Inbox by Gmail
  • Keep
  • Maps
  • News
  • Photos
  • Pixel 2
  • Projet Fi
  • Scholar
  • Search
  • Sheets
  • Sites
  • Slides
  • Tango
  • Tilt Brush
  • Translate
  • Trips
  • Voice
  •  Waze
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Gaming
  • YouTube Kids
  • YouTube TV

As you can see from the list of Google products above, there is no Google Me product. There are, however, at least a couple of Google features that might be easily confused with a Google Me product, including your "About Me" section for your Google Account and the website found at Google.me. 

Google's 'About Me' Section

So Google Me isn't anything, but Google does have an "About Me" section for all of its users. This section is where you can add and edit all of your personal information, including your profile picture, that appears across Google products like Drive, Photos, and others.

Simply navigate to aboutme.google.com in your browser and sign into your Google account if you're not signed in already. If you already have at least a few pieces of personal information set up on your Google account, you'll see things like your name, profile picture, contact information and more.

Click on the pencil icon to edit any information tab. You can also click on the privacy setting option at the bottom of every tab to tell Google who you do or don't want to be able to see your information. Set it to private, public, your circles, extended circles or a custom setting.

Google.me vs. Google.com

If you navigate to google.me in a web browser, you'll see that it shows the exact same thing as google.com. It looks just like Google's regular search page—white with the Google search bar in the center, personal account options in the top right and extra links at the bottom.

Using one or the other to perform Google searches will not give you different or more personalized results. Since Google is such a large brand, the company owns its brand for virtually all top-level domains including .com, .net, .org, .info and others.