What Is Google Me?

A rumored Google product doesn't actually exist

In 2010, a rumor sprung up that Google was designing a social network called Google Me that aimed to be a potential Facebook competitor. Google had launched social products, such as Google Wave and Google Buzz, which have since been discontinued.

The rumors of a social network called Google Me never became a reality. Instead, Google Plus was launched in 2011. It never overtook Facebook and was shut down in 2018.

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Google Me Confusion

At this time, there's no Google product called Google Me. There are, however, a few features that might be confused with Google Me. For example, every user's Google account has an About Me page. This section holds the user's personal information, including a profile picture, which appears across Google products such as Drive, Photos, and more.

To access your About Me page, sign in to your Google account. There, you can edit the privacy settings for your personal information.

Google.me vs. Google.com

If you navigate to Google.me in a web browser, you'll see that it shows the exact same thing as Google.com. Google.me is a redirect to the regular Google site.

Since Google is such a large entity, the company owns its brand for virtually all top-level domains, including .com, .net, .org, .info, and others.

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