What Is Google Keep?

Take a note, set a reminder, make a list and get things done with Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking service that is part of Google's G-Suite available on your computer through your browser and as an app for Android, iOS.

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Keep allows you to take notes, create lists and store images by typing, speaking or drawing. Keep can also convert your handwritten notes into text. As a cloud-based service, all of your notes are kept with your Google account, automatically syncing across your devices. The notes in Google Keep look similar to post-it notes, and can be color-coded, or assigned labels to help you keep track of your ideas and thoughts.

What Makes Google Keep so Useful?

Google Keep's advantage over the color-coded notes in ColorNote Notepad is that Keep syncs across all devices, while ColorNote requires you to backup your notes to transfer them between PC and mobile phone. Note Reminder - Easy Notify is another popular note-taking app, that lacks Google Keep's ability to add images and drawings to notes. ColorNote and Note Reminder are not available for iOS.

What Can Google Keep Do?

Google Keep offers a wide variety of useful features. They include:

Dictate Notes

Tap the Google Keep microphone to speak your notes as Keep transcribes as you speak.

Take A Photo and Capture Text

Snap a photo with your device's camera and Google will store your note. Keep can find any text in the image and transcribe the image to text with optical character recognition (OCR).

Create a Checklist

Quickly turn a note into a checklist with a toggle switch that adds check boxes allow you to cross items off your list.

Draw a Note

Keep's pen icon lets you draw images or write notes, complete with colors and line thickness options.

Assign a Due Date

Each note has a reminder option that allows you to attach a date to a note, which will automatically appear on your Google Calendar. 

Screenshot of Google Keep adding a reminder date to a note

Search and Organize Your Notes

Use labels and or colors to create categories of notes. You can search by tag, color or keyword to find the specific note(s) you need. 

Pin Important Notes

Keep important notes on top of the Keep desktop by pinning them. Move notes you want to keep, but move them off your screen, by archiving them. Delete notes you no longer need.

Location Reminders

Screenshot showing how to tag a reminder to Google Keep note

You can also configure Keep to send you a reminder when you are in a particular location by adding an address. For example, if you have a note to "buy milk" you will receive a notification when your device detects you are near the grocery store. Location must be enabled for this to work. 

Collaborate With Google Keep

If you share a note with a team, Keep will automatically sync everyone's activity. Think about how this could transform a household grocery list with everyone as a collaborator, with the ability to add and cross off items as they are purchased.

Bookmark Web Pages

Create a note from a web page, and Keep saves the URL, and any copy you highlighted from the page.

Expand a Note Into a Google Doc

If your note gets too long, maybe it's time to convert this note into a document. Use the option to copy to Google Docs to instantly add all content from a note, including text, images, and drawings, into a new Google Doc.

Google Keep's Limits

While there are no monthly limits on how many notes you can create with Google Keep, each note has a character limit of 20,000 characters.