What is Google Keep?

Sticky notes
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Google Keep is a virtual sticky note app from Google that was originally designed to send quick notes to your Google Drive account. It's now available on Android phones or as a computer desktop app


These are simple sticky notes. The icon even looks like a sticky note. You can type in a note on your keyboard, add a photo, and change the color of the note.


Lists are, of course, lists. Lists are to-do lists with checkboxes. Tasks can be associated with either time (get the laundry done by Tuesday) or locations (remind me to buy some milk when I'm near the grocery store). I used to prefer third-party apps that sync with Google Tasks or just skipping Google's tools and going with Wunderlist, but Google Keep has improved enough to be a great standalone tool. 

Voice Notes

This is the same as a sticky note, only you can use Google's voice dictation features to just speak your note instead of typing it all out. That's a time saver when you're not jotting something down in the middle of a meeting with a bunch of people or near your friends who enjoy shouting in the middle of a note. Not that I'm speaking from experience.


Skip the text and go straight to your phone's camera.

That's it. Google Keep is a super simple app, and if you think it sounds a lot like Evernote, you're correct. The truth is that Evernote still has a lot more features.  The (Evernote) elephant sitting in the room on the Google Keep product launch was that it came on the tails of Google's announcement that they were killing off Google Reader. People were upset about their favorite app getting killed off, and Google Keep had what was probably a softer launch than what they intended. 

So, should you immediately start using Google Keep?

If you're an Evernote or Wunderlist user, there's no reason to change. You can still get to all of your notes. You've got a product you love. On the other hand, there's also no reason not to also use Google Keep if it works for you.