FutureMe.org Review


FutureMe.org allows you to send yourself an email time capsule at any date up to 50 years in the future. Optionally, your message is posted anonymously on the site. As a registered FutureMe.org user, you can change the address to receive future emails should it change.

What We Like
  • FutureMe.org lets you send emails (to yourself) at a specified date up to 50 years in the future.

  • You can edit the address of future FutureMe.org emails should you change accounts.

  • FutureMe.org has been around for some time, so there is a chance at least it will be around when your mail is scheduled.

What We Don't Like
  • FutureMe.org may be open to abuse.

Description of FutureMe.org

  • FutureMe.org lets you send emails to be delivered up to 50 years in the future.
  • Messages can also be posted (anonymously) on the site.
  • You can add an image to your message if you like.
  • Should your address change, you can modify the recipient of future FutureMe.org messages.

Sending Your Future Self Emails With of FutureMe.org

With FutureMe.org, you can send yourself emails that will be delivered at a specific date, up to 50 years from when you are writing them. You could remind yourself of the dreams you once had (only to find out they are way behind you now), as a general memory pool (the contrast of what you now think about your current situation and what you will remember about it in a few years can be stark), to send yourself birthday greetings, and as a classic exercise for the here and now, of course: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

The problem and the beauty with FutureMe.org is that the emails will actually be delivered in five years. It does not even help to change email addresses, as FutureMe.org lets you update the address to which future messages will be delivered.

Tell the World, Too

For extra kicks, you can make the emails to your future self-public, or add an image. Anybody can read them on FutureMe.org, and you can find out about other people's dreams, ideas, and worries (seen from the imagined distance of a few years), too.