What Is Firefox Send and How Does It Work?

Why this file encryption service is safer than sending email attachments

Firefox Send is a great way to send files to anyone quickly, safely, and securely. Using file encryption and password protection, Firefox Send, lets you share files of 1GB to 2.5GB through a secure link you send to recipients.

Here's how to use the Firefox Send service.

In July 2020, Mozilla announced it was temporarily suspending Firefox Send due to malware abuse reports. Mozilla will be adding a mechanism for reporting abuse.

Firefox Send on the Firefox browser on a MacBook Air laptop

How Firefox Send Works

To use Firefox Send, you'll need to sign up for a Firefox account, which is the same account you use with Firefox Sync.

Firefox Send is often a better choice than email because of its ability to handle larger file sizes as well as its security features.

  1. Sign in to your Firefox account.

    Sign in to your Firefox account
  2. Select your profile icon, then select Firefox Send.

    The Firefox Send option
  3. Select the expiration condition (either after the file has been downloaded a certain amount of time or a period of time has passed).

    The Expiration settings in Firefox Send
  4. Select Protect with password (optional).

    The "Protect with password" option in Firefox Send
  5. If you protect the file with a password, type a password in the Password field.

    The Password field in Firefox Send
  6. Once the file has been uploaded, you'll be presented with a share link. Select Copy link, and then paste the link into an email or message to your recipients.

    The "Copy Link" command in Firefox Send
  7. You'll automatically be returned to the upload page, where your current upload will be listed.

    From this view, either view the details of your download, select Copy Link to send the link again, or delete the download from the Firefox Send server.

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