What Is Favstar for Twitter?

Keep Track of Retweets & Likes

Photo © Oli Scarff / Getty Images

If you’re on Twitter, you may have already noticed that some users include a Favstar.fm URL in the website section of their profiles. But what is it? And do you need to be using it too?

Favstar automatically tracks Twitter users' best performing tweets so you can find those hidden gems in that endless stream of tweets that are constantly coming in. Here’s how you can use it.

An Intro to Favstar

Favstar is a website that takes tweet data from Twitter and ranks tweets according to specific interactions — mainly by how many retweets and likes a tweet gets. When you click on a specific Favstar URL for a particular user, a list of his or her best performing tweets will be ranked from highest to lowest.

That’s the basic principle of Favstar. It's a Twitter tool that gives you a whole bunch of useful ways to discover great new tweets and show people your own tweets that got the most action.

Twitter recently switched its iconic star icon (called a favorite) to a heart icon (now called a like). Favstar also switched its platform over to the hearts to match Twitter, despite still keeping the Favstar brand (likely named after the old star icons that used to be called favorites). There's no real difference in the interaction itself besides the new icon and label.

Signing In to Favstar

When you sign in to Favstar through your Twitter account, you’ll see a bunch of tabs show up on the left.

Discover New Tweets: By default on the homepage when signed in, Favstar shows you some of the newest tweets from a mixture of people you’re already following and people you may be interested in following.

Leaderboard: The leaderboard looks similar to the Discover New Tweets tab, showing you tweets that are currently performing the best in terms of interaction with people you do and don’t follow.

Tweets of the Day: These are tweets that have been awarded the little trophy icon by Favstar users who think that tweet deserves “tweet of the day” status.

All Time: Finally, this section shows your tweets that have received thousands upon thousands of likes and retweets, making them some of the most influential tweets of all time.

People You Follow: See the top tweets just from the users you specifically follow on Twitter.

My Favstar List: You can build your own list of only the people you want to see on Favstar so you can see their most recently liked tweets and other tweets they’ve liked themselves.

Faved By Friends: Here you can get an instant look at the tweets that your friends have most recently liked.

Your Favstar Profile

Signing in to your own Favstar profile gives you the opportunity to view favorited and retweeted tweets in a whole bunch of different ways. At the top of your page, there are three viewing options.

Everyone: See tweets from everybody (otherwise known as the Discover New Tweets tab)

Me: See a list of your own tweets that received the most likes and retweets.

Search: You can look up any user, whether you’re following them or not, and see which of their tweets received the most likes, retweets and “tweet of the day” awards.

Interacting Through Favstar

You can actually like, reply to and retweet anyone’s tweet through Favstar while you’re logged in. Just press the star, reply arrow or retweet icon beneath any tweet to do it. There’s also a “Tweet” option located on the top menu bar, which allows you to tweet directly through Favstar.

If you want extra details about a particular tweet, just press the bar graph icon beneath any tweet to pull up the retweet details. You can get a look at exactly who has retweeted that tweet.

Upgrading to a Pro Favstar Account

As a free Favstar user, you’ll eventually notice that you have limited access to retweet and liking details for tweets. To get full access along with a whole bunch of extra features like the ability to award anyone “tweet of the day” status, you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro account.