What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is completely free to use

Facebook Marketplace is an online classifieds service that connects buyers and sellers, allowing anyone to post or browse items for sale. It's available on the main Facebook website, as well as through the official Facebook app.

Due to the large number of people who use Facebook globally, Facebook Marketplace can be an effective method for selling products or personal items, as listings have the potential to reach a larger user base than competing services like Craigslist.

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How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

Unlike the Facebook Shop feature, which acts as an online storefront, Facebook Marketplace doesn't process transactions. Instead, it matches a user who is interested in buying a product or item with a potential seller; once connected, they negotiate a payment method and location for making the trade—much like a Craigslist or classifieds ad.

Facebook Marketplace primary use is for buying and selling products locally.

The selling of a product on Facebook Marketplace typically follows this pattern:

  1. The seller creates a free product listing on Facebook Marketplace with a photo of the product, a detailed description, and suggested price.
  2. A potential buyer sees the listing and sends them a message through Facebook.
  3. The seller and buyer negotiate a payment and location for exchanging the item.
  4. The buyer and seller meet in person and exchange the product or service for the payment.

Accepted payment methods vary depending on the seller. Some Facebook Marketplace sellers prefer cash in hand or a direct deposit, while others may ask for payment via a peer-to-peer payment app or in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ripple.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace

You don't add Facebook Marketplace to Facebook; the service is already part of the social network. You simply need to locate Facebook Marketplace within the iOS or Android apps, or on the Facebook website. If you don't see it, try these troubleshooting tips.

To save time, you can navigate directly to the Facebook Marketplace section of the Facebook website.

On the Facebook website, the link to Facebook Marketplace will appear on the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Facebook Marketplace find

You may also see the occasional Facebook Marketplace ad while browsing the Facebook website. These are used to advertise product listings and can be clicked on to navigate to the products being promoted.

You can find the Marketplace in the the Facebook apps (iOS/Android) by selecting the main menu icon and then selecting Marketplace.

While Facebook Marketplace will appear within the iOS Facebook app on an iPhone and iPad, the feature is not supported on iPod touch and will be completely absent from the menu once the app is opened.

Facebook Marketplace

Is There a Facebook Marketplace App?

There is no official Facebook Marketplace app as the service is integrated into the main Facebook apps on iOS and Android, as well as the web version of Facebook.

There are, however, a variety of unofficial third-party apps for Facebook Marketplace that claim to enhance the buying and selling experience, but they are not required.

What Can You Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Most everyday items such as Blu-ray discs, furniture, collectibles, toys, vehicles, and even properties can be sold on Facebook Marketplace.

Sellers can also list certain services such as home cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, lawn care, and massage sessions. Those selling or promoting services like photography, events, fitness, and personal care are required to do so through a Facebook Page and not a personal profile.

What Items Aren't Allowed On Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace bans the listing of healthcare products and animals. Users are also forbidden from posting "wanted" or "looking for" listings.

  • How do you create ads for Facebook Marketplace?

    You can create Marketplace ads through Facebook's Ad Manager. Follow Facebook's step-by-step guide to get started creating ads for Marketplace today. Though, Marketplace ads is a new feature that's still rolling out and may not be available for everyone.

  • How do you sell on Facebook Marketplace as a business and not an individual?

    Business can show their inventories on Marketplace, advertise their store or items on Marketplace, and even display items from their Facebook Page shop on Marketplace. However, selling as a business directly on Marketplace is limited to specially selected sellers.

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