What Is 'Ermahgerd'? What Does It Mean?

'Ermagherd' = 'Oh my god!'
'Ermagherd' = 'Oh my god!'.

Question: What Is 'Ermahgerd'? What Does It Mean?

You've likely seen 'ermahgerd', or its abbreviated 'gerd' on Facebook pages, Reddit links, or lolcat photos. This modern derogatory expression has come about as both a meme and a verbal expression of 'stupidity'.

Answer: 'Ermahgerd' is 'oh my god' as pronounced by someone with a speech impediment.

It means 'shock' and 'stupidity' at the same time, often as a caption for unflattering photos.

You can caption 'ermahgerd' on your own photos to describe that you did something stupid today, or you can use it to insult someone else by replying 'ermagherd' to their online posts.

Ermahgerd is also becoming popular as a caption for animal photos, much like lolcats. For the most part, ermagherd is a derogatory term like 'doh' or 'durp'.

Example of text message use of ermahgerd:

 (user 1):  ermahgerd we get pizza at the meeting tonight!

 (user 2): ermahgerd yeah, my taste buds are gushing

Example of ermahgerd expression usage:

(Person 1): Ermahgerd! I just had my first ever plum donut from the Polish bakery!

(Person 2): Plum donut?

(Person 1): O man, you have to try this. It's a big puffy ball of fried dough with plum jam in the middle. It's not sweet like Krispy Kreme, much more subtle and fluffy.

(Person 2): O that sounds awesome

(Person 1): Ermahgerd this is the best pastry EVAR!

Example of ermahgerd usage:

(User 1:) Ermahgerd! The pizza man just came to my door, and he was wearing pink pants and cowboy boots!

(User 2:) LOL! That is some kind of fashion sense! ROFL!

(User 3:) and he was so funny, he was singing Bruno Mars while he gave me my change!

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The ermahgerd expression, like many other Internet expressions, is part of online conversation culture.

Expressions Similar to Ermahgerd:

  • OMG (Oh My God)
  • AMG (Oh My God, variation)
  • AMAZEBALLS (That's Amazing)
  • Epic! (That's Extreme and Memorable)
  • FTW (For the Win!)

    How to Capitalize and Punctuate Web and Texting Abbreviations: 

    Capitalization is a non-concern when using text message abbreviations and chat jargon. You are welcome to use all uppercase (e.g. ROFL) or all lowercase (e.g. rofl), and the meaning is identical. Avoid typing entire sentences in uppercase, though, as that means shouting in online speak.

    Proper punctuation is similarly a non-concern with most text message abbreviations. For example, the abbreviation for 'Too Long, Didn't Read' can be abbreviated as TL;DR or as TLDR. Both are acceptable format, with or without punctuation.

    Never use periods (dots) between your jargon letters. It would defeat the purpose of speeding up thumb typing. For example, ROFL would never be spelled R.O.F.L., and TTYL would never be spelled T.T.Y.L. 

    Recommended Etiquette for Using Web and Texting Jargon 

    Knowing when to use jargon in your messaging is about knowing who your audience is, knowing if the context is informal or professional, and then using good judgment. If you know the people well, and it is a personal and informal communication, then absolutely use abbreviation jargon. On the flip side, if you are just starting a friendship or professional relationship with the other person, then it is a good idea to avoid abbreviations until you have developed a relationship rapport.

    If the messaging is in a professional context with someone at work, or with a customer or vendor outside your company, then avoid abbreviations altogether. Using full word spellings shows professionalism and courtesy. It is much easier to err on the side of being too professional and then relax your communications over time than doing the inverse.