What Is elgooG?

Screen Capture

In Web design, a "mirror site" is a Web site that duplicates another site's contents, usually to reduce network traffic or make content more available. elgooG is a bit different. elgooG, which is Google spelled backward, is a mirror image of the Google Web site.

Depending on the browser you use, the search box types right to left, and the results display mostly backward. You can search for words either backward or forwards, but typing them backward is more fun.

Is This a Joke?

Yes. elgooG is a parody site designed and hosted by All Too Flat, a parody and comedy Web site.

Although the site is intended as a joke, it has been maintained for several years and is periodically updated to reflect changes in the Google Web site. Search results in elgooG are pulled from the actual Google search engine, and then reversed using Python.

elgooG features a "hcreaS elgooG" and an "ykcuL gnileeF m'I" button to mirror Google's Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky buttons. It even has a link to a mirror 500 of Google's Even More page listing Google services.

Some links lead directly to Google services, and others go to a mirror page. Some browsers may behave differently than others, and occasionally a non-mirrored website is listed in the search results. This is totally forgivable because it's a joke. 

elgooG and China

China enforces Internet censorship and blocks Web sites it deems inappropriate in the so-called "Great Firewall of China.

"  In 2002, Google was blocked by the Chinese government. New Scientist reported that elgooG was not blocked, so Chinese users had a back door method of accessing the search engine. Most likely, it never occurred to the Chinese government that although elgooG is parody, the results are really coming from Google.

Since then, China and Google have had a rocky relationship. Google censored results in China (and was criticized in the West for doing so) and then withdrew from mainland China completely, directing all results to uncensored Hong Kong. As of September 2015, Google may censor again in order to get Google Play access in China. 

No word on whether elgooG still works in China, but chances are good that it is blocked. 

The Bottom Line

elgooG is not the easiest to use of the search engines, but it is a really funny parody of the easiest to use search engine.​