What Does 'Doy' Mean?

Older woman smacking older man's forehead with wooden spoon

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'Doy' or 'doi' is the pop culture insult that says 'no kidding!' or 'that was pretty self-evident, and you're stupid.' It is the same derogatory meaning as 'duh' or 'doh.'

How 'Doy' Is Used Online

You would say 'doy' in any text chat or in-person conversation when the other person exclaims something that is painfully obvious to the rest of the group.

Examples of 'Doy'

Greg: Hey, this ice is cold.

Susan: Doy, genius!

Tuan: Are you at home right now?

Suresh: Doy! Can't you hear my parents yelling in the background?

Kandace: Do you have a cat?

Alvin: Doy! Can't you see all the fur stuck to my coat?

Origin of the Doy/Doi/Duh Expression

While the origin of doy/doi/duh is up for debate, some people say that it is an English variation of the Russian 'да' word, which means 'yes.' According to other pop culture historians, doy/doi/duh was popularized by the comic book Archie.

Doy, like most cultural curiosities and memes of the web, has become part of daily English communications.