What is Dolphin Browser and How Does It Work?

Finally, desktop browsing comes to Android and iOS mobile devices

The Dolphin Browser is an alternative web browser for your Android or iOS smartphones. There's no need to stick with the default browser options when you can download the Dolphin app and use that instead. Here's everything you need to know about Dolphin Browser and why it's a useful app to have.

What Is Dolphin Browser?

The Dolphin web browser is an entirely free app that adapts to how you use it, so its features are always relevant and convenient. It's one of the oldest web browsers for smartphones, and thanks to features like tabbed browsing, it feels more like the same experience you get on a desktop browser than most alternatives.

Screenshots of Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser 

It works just like other web browsers so you can set it as your default option for when you click a link in a message, providing you with extra options on how to interact with web content. Both Android and iOS users can download the software, with Android users having slightly more features available to them, such as add-ons and Flash support. 

It's often faster to use than Safari or popular mobile browsers like Opera and Firefox.

Dolphin Browser works for the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

What Are the Dolphin Browser Features? 

There's no shortage of features with the Dolphin Browser, which is why it's such a popular alternative to Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. Here's a look at its core features.

A screenshot of Dolphin Browser running on an iPad
Dolphin Browser 
  • Gesture controls: Want to open your favorite websites without having to type in a link or look through your bookmarks? You can set up gestures so you simply draw a quick design which represents a website. You can also scroll up or down a page by drawing arrows. 
  • Voice search: Shake your phone and you can speak to Dolphin Browser to search for anything online rather than typing. You can even share content by saying "share" or open new tabs by saying "new tab." 
  • Save functionality: You may find yourself wanting to save websites to other services like Evernote or Box. Dolphin Browser has built-in functionality for clipping content to Evernote, making it simple to add tags and find it later on.
  • Sync support: One of the best reasons to use Safari and Chrome is so you can pick up where you left off on a PC or Mac. This is also an option with Dolphin Browser.
  • Flash content: If you use Dolphin Browser on Android, you can view Flash content which isn't always an option with other browsers.
  • Tabbed browser: Prefer to use tabs to switch between different websites? Dolphin Browser offers such support, ensuring it feels more like a regular desktop browser than a limited phone web browser. 
  • Add-ons support: Want even more features? On Android, you can download extra add-ons which make it possible to do things such as save a website as a PDF at the tap of a button, or switch to a text-only interface so you can read more easily. 

Why Should I Use Dolphin Browser? 

There are a few key reasons why it's worth using Dolphin Browser, either as your main web browser or as a companion to Safari or Chrome. 

A screenshot of Dolphin Browser running on an iPad
Dolphin Browser
  • Speed: Dolphin Browser is often much faster than its competition. Particularly on Android, you can switch it to its Jetpack mode which promises to boost the speed at which web pages load by a lot.
  • Flexibility: Dolphin Browser offers a lot of original features like gesture controls and tabbed browsing. It can make for a more enjoyable browsing experience. 
  • It's different: Do you enjoy using apps that your friends haven't heard of? Dolphin Browser is that kind of app. It's different and makes a pleasant change from the usual standard web browsers already out there.
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