What Is Digg Torrents?

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Digg Torrents, formerly known as GoogleTorrents, is a third-party search engine that used Google Co-op's custom search engine creation tools to search specifically for Torrents and song lyrics.

What Is a Torrent?

Torrents or BitTorrents are files shared with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. Peer-to-peer means that the files are shared by individual computers on the network rather than stored on one central server.

BitTorrent sharing distributes the download by downloading pieces of a file from many different sources, rather than downloading the whole thing from one computer or server. This makes it much less taxing on the individual computers involved, and it offers some protection that someone hasn't slipped malicious or corrupted files into the system.

Often the files will be songs, movies, or other entertainment media. Many of the files shared this way may be in violation of copyright law, and Hollywood has been less than forgiving with people who download pirated materials. If you download or distribute copyrighted material in the US and many other countries, you risk being sued or fined.

Torrents are also a legitimate method of distributing files.

There are legal content producers who choose to distribute their content through BitTorrent, because it does not use nearly as much bandwidth as serving files from a single Web site. It also offers some protection that the distributed file contains what it claims it contains. This makes it a great way to distribute promotional videos or open-source programs.

Why Would I Need a Specialized Search?

Creating and distributing Torrent files is easy. Finding Torrents, however, is not always so easy. There are several Torrent search engines which contain partial indexes of available files, but you may have to check several of them to find the file you seek.

DiggTorrents provides an easy way to find Torrents, because it searches most of the available indexes. It harnesses the search engine power of Google, so the results are generally relevant.

It's also handy to search for song lyrics, even if searching Google for "song X lyrics" is usually just as effective.